What Your Body Is Telling You Through Acne

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What Your Body Is Telling You Through Acne
This summer season, have mangoes without the fear of pimples. Yes ladies, you heard us. Acne usually happens when sebaceous glands secrete extra sebum, the natural oil of body. It clogs the follicles of your skin with dead skin and appears as an ugly mark on your body. Going by the proverbial wisdom of ‘prevention is better than cure’ we will tell you a number of ways which you can follow to eradicate acne. First, let’s look at a few situations which can trigger acne.
  • Anxiety and stress
    Mental stress can play with the hormonal balance of your body and that can in turn make acne worse.
  • Hot and humid climates
    When it is hot and humid we sweat more. This can make the acne worse.
  • Menstrual cycle
    Hormonal changes that occur in the body while menstruation can make your acne worse.
  • Oil based makeups
    Moisturising creams, lotions, kajal, and all makeup that contain oil can block your skin pores.
To prevent sudden breakouts, follow these simple skin care tips:
  • Wash your face about twice each day. Do not wash it more often because over-cleansing can be harmful too! How? Well, while you cleanse your skin, your motive is to get rid of any dirt, makeup traces or excess oils but you are supposes to do that without disturbing the normal pH balance or stripping the natural oils. Simple! Not all oils are comedogenic; in fact, they lubricate your skin and make a barrier against the external harsh environment. Use a mild cleanser and follow up with Dabur Gulabari Rose Water.
  • Don't burst the pimples. It can worsen the infection and leave severe scars.
  • Cleanliness is a very important skin care tip! Avoid touching your face with your hands. Also, clean your phone with alcohol every day to rid it of bacteria and dust. Also wash your hands regularly, especially before applying cream or makeup. If you wear glasses then make sure that you clean them regularly.
  • Too much sun can cause your skin to produce more sebum. Several acne medications make it more likely that you will be sunburned. Remember to never step out without adequate sun protection.
  • Drink enough H2O. Read drinking water can be an important skin care tip, here.
  • Use makeup which does not have oil and does not clog up the pores. Or better still try and keep your natural if you can! And never sleep with makeup on.

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