Tips on How To Avoid and Remove Pimples from Face

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Tips on How To Avoid and Remove Pimples from Face
Beauty isn't skin deep. While some people are born with great skin, some invest a great deal of money on expensive skin treatments in order to avoid pimples, and some spend a lot of time and effort to enhance one's complexion. While each of these methods work in their own ways, here are 3 easy ways to make sure you never get a pimple ever again:
  1. You are what you eat! Maintain a healthy balanced diet and you'll notice a remarkable change in the quality of your skin.
  2. Drink more H2O to flush out toxins from your system. Starting your day with a big glass of lukewarm water with lemon and honey is a neat way to detox your system. Make sure you follow this tip on how to remove pimples from face and follow that up with plain water or green tea at regular intervals. Try using green tea for hair for thick and voluminous hair.
  3. Saving the best for the last is our simplest solution of them all – purify your skin! If that sounds complicated, allow us to demystify it for you. When your blood has impurities, the signs show on your skin. So what a miraculous product like Dabur Active Blood Purifier does is that it purifies blood from the inside, to give you clear pimple-free skin on the outside! Not to forget a lovely glow.
To know how to avoid pimples, let’s get a deeper understanding about the product first. Dabur Active Blood Purifier with its natural formulation works by attacking bacteria so blood gets purified and there is a visible improvement in skin woes like pimples, etc. The product is enriched with Manjistha, which acts as a rejuvenator due to inflammatory & analgesic properties that work wonders for skin health, and Khadira, known for its magical blood purification properties.

Dabur Active Blood Purifier promises the following benefits

  • It guarantees visible effects in just 7 days. Yes, 7 din mein pimple pe vaar!
  • It prevents recurrence of pimples
  • It ensures pimple-free skin with a natural glow
  • It is safe and effective
So if you want to know how to avoid pimples, all you have to do is incorporate Dabur Active Blood Purifier into your diet regularly. Available in 2 SKUs of 100ml and 200ml, the recommended dosage for adults is 2 tablespoonful (10ml) twice daily or as directed by the physician. So go on, follow our tips on how to remove pimples from your face, and never let a pesky zit ruin your day ever again! Read our blogs to learn more on beauty tips for skin.

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