Facial At Home - 7 Facial Steps At Home

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Simple facial steps at home

​Changing seasons always do a number on our skin, however, a facial can help restore balance and give you a glowing complexion, no matter what the season! In addition to making your face feel clean and renewed, once in 15 days, a good facial helps to improve complexion and increase blood circulation resulting in a radiant glowing skin. So, before you start off, keep all the ingredients ready, tie your hair back follow these beauty tips /skin care steps for a rejuvenated and healthy you!

Let’s begin to learn how to do a facial at home with just 5 simple steps with the simple ingredients available at your house:

  1. Cleansing
  2. Exfoliating
  3. Facial Massage
  4. Steaming
  5. F​acial Mask
  6. Moisturising
  7. Toning

Step 1 Facial At Home - Cleansing

Throughout the day our skin is exposed to such harsh environment conditions that becomes a hub of dirt and impurities that form acne, pimples and even premature skin aging. Just washing face at the end of the day unfortunately is not enough and so it is important to thoroughly cleanse the skin.  Cleansing removes make-up, dirt, surface impurities, improves hydration and helps with the anti-ageing process.

Homemade Remedies for Facial Cleansing:

  • Dab some Dabur Gulabari Rose Water on a cotton ball and cleanse your face. It removes impurities and refreshes your face. Use it in circular upward movements and pat dry.
    Homemade Remedies for Facial Cleansing
  • Dip a cotton wool in some cold raw milk and wipe your face with it. What cold raw milk does is that it keeps the pores dirt-free and gives you glowing skin. Once you’re done rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Wet your face with warm water and take a dollop of honey on the palm and gently run all over the face for five minutes. Wash off with cold water and feel a soft and glowing skin.
  • Soak one tablespoon rice in water overnight and grind to a paste the next day. Apply the paste on the face gently, massaging in circular motions for 5-10 minutes and wash off with cold water.

Step 2 Facial At Home - Exfoliating

Remove dry skin cells on the surface of your skin with exfoliation. You need to exfoliate, because without proper exfoliation, no facial will be effective! Use any natural homemade scrub and massage gently in circular motion focusing on your forehead, chin and nose. Take a mildly wet hot towel to wipe it clean. Not only will this home remedies for glowing skin improve your skin texture but also reduce fine lines and wrinkles making your glowing skin much softer and younger.

Homemade Remedies for Skin Exfoliation:

  1. Oat And Lemon Scrub

    Oat And Lemon Scrub


    • 1 tbsp oatmeal
    • 1 tsp rose water
    • 1 tsp lemon peel powder


    • Make a homemade scrub using oatmeal, lemon peel powder and a dash of rose water.
    • Gently rub the mixture on your face for around 5 minutes to scrub away the deal cells and then rinse.
  2. Almond And Cream Scrub


    • 5-6 almonds (soaked)
    • 1 tbsp cream


    • Overnight soak few almonds in water and grind to a coarse paste next morning.
    • Add a tablespoon cream and make a paste.
    • Apply the paste on the face and gently scrub for 5-10 minutes using circular motions.
    • Wash off with cold water and pat the skin dry.
  3. Lentils And Lemon Scrub

    Lentils And Lemon Scrub


    • 1 tbsp masoor dal (powdered)
    • 3-4 drops lemon juice


    • Grind two tablespoons red lentils to a coarse powder and add few drops of fresh lemon juice to it.
    • Mix it properly and start scrubbing on the face gently in clockwise motions for at least ten minutes.
    • Wash off with cold water.
    • Read more about masoor dal benefits for skin.

  4. Sugar And Honey Scrub

    Sugar And Honey Scrub


    • 1 tbsp sugar
    • 1 tsp honey


    • Take one tablespoon granulated sugar and add a teaspoon honey into it to make a paste.
    • Start scrubbing and exfoliating gently on the face for about 5-7 minutes and thereafter, wash off with cold water.
    • Repeat weekly for best results.

Step 3 Facial At Home - Facial Massage

A facial massage is very important for the skin as it not only rejuvenates but also gives glow and shine to the skin. It makes you feel great and brings radiance to the skin. Facial massage helps get rid of dead skin cells and deep cleans the pores, improving the complexion, tightening the pores and making the skin firm. There are many types of facial massages that are done in beauty parlours or even at home, taking into account your skin type.

Facial Massage

Basically, the stimulation of the skin during facial massage helps in regulating blood and oxygen flow in the face, making the skin supple and softer. Facial also helps activate the pressure points on the face and forehead thus strengthening the muscles and making the skin firm. A regular facial massage also helps get over the problem of pre-mature aging and its signs like blemishes, wrinkles, black spots etc. Also, the skin care products like lotions and moisturizers have a better chance of getting absorbed in the skin if you are regular with your face massages as it helps open the skin pores.

Step 4 Facial At Home - Steaming


Get rid of toxins and impurities built up on your skin with steaming. Boil some water in a big flat vessel. Take a towel and form a tent over your head. Lean your face over the vessel and capture the steam. Take care not to go too close as it might damage your skin. Add a spoon of fresh rose petals to the boiling water to get a stimulating cleanse. Repeat the procedure for 10-15 minutes taking breaks in between. Finish off by splashing cool water on your face. You’ll be left with glowing skin!

Step 5 Facial At Home - Facial Mask

After the facial massage is done, it is time to choose the best mask for the face, according to skin type. For oily skin, always use a mud/clay mask as it helps in absorbing excess skin oil. Likewise, for dry skin use a hydrating or creamy mask and for sensitive skin always get hold of a light gel mask that can be absorbed in the skin easily.

Masks are an amazing way to help wipe out the left over impurities on the skin after the facial massage. They are therapeutic and improve the overall appearance of the skin, also relaxing the mind and soul. Facial masks help in deep cleansing the skin drawing out impurities from beneath the epidermis layer of the skin. Masks detoxify the skin and with the regular use you can certainly feel the difference in complexion and skin texture. Regular face masks also help to unclog the pores which ultimately form acne and pimples. Facial masks ensure a total skin care regime which includes toning, hydrating and moisturizing and the results are always fantastic.

Homemade facial masks

  1. Fruit Mask

    Fruits are full of minerals, vitamins and enzymes that are beneficial for the skin complexion and texture. A homemade fruit can enhance the skin making it look and feel younger and youthful.

    Fruit Mask


    • 1 tsp papaya pulp
    • 1 tsp mashed banana
    • 1 tsp pineapple pulp
    • Juice of ½ grated cucumber


    • Take one tablespoon papaya pulp, same amount of mashed banana, two tablespoons pineapple pulp and juice on half grated cucumber in a bowl
    • Apply the mask on the face gently and leave it on for 15-20 minutes.
    • Wash off the face with cold water and repeat the process weekly.
  2. Oats And Yogurt Mask

    Oats are wonder ingredients for the skin as they not only exfoliate all the free radicals but also help improve the skin texture. Yogurt is a natural moisturizer that hydrates the skin. Oats are the best when getting rid of tan. Read more about how to remove tan using Oats.

    Oats And Yogurt Mask


    • 2 tbsp crushed oats
    • 1 tbsp yogurt


    • Take two tablespoons crushed oats and mix them along with one tablespoon yogurt to form a paste.
    • Apply the mask on the face, gently scrubbing for 5-10 minutes and thereafter leave it to sit for another 10 minutes
    • Wash off with cold water and repeat once or twice a week for best results.
  3. Tomato Juice And Coconut Mask

    Tomato juice contains fruit acid that helps in cleaning the skin, keeping it off bacteria and fungi that cause pimples. Coconut with its antioxidants keeps it moist and soft.

    Tomato Juice And Coconut Mask


    • 1 medium sized tomato
    • ½ cup coconut (scraped)


    • Take one medium sized tomato and juice it out, adding half scraped coconut
    • Apply the mask on the face and keep it on for 15 minutes.
    • Wash off face with cold water and repeat the process at least twice a month for best results.

Moisturising - Step 6 Facial At Home

The next step is to moisturize your skin which is an extremely important step after putting on the mask. No matter what your skin type may be, regular moisturizing is an absolute must for your skin. Moisturizer helps to protect your skin and making the texture soft, supple and hydrated.

Home Remedies On How To Moisturize Skin

  1. Cucumber Moisturizer

    Cucumber Moisturizer


    • Juice of 1 cucumber


    • Squeeze some grated cucumber to remove the juice in a bowl
    • Rinse off face with water and pat dry.
    • Apply the juice on face gently all over and let it sit for at least 10 minutes.
    • Wash off with cold water and pat dry. Repeat the process every night before sleeping.
  2. Coconut Moisturizer

    Coconut Moisturizer



    • Take hard coconut oil and mix it with few drops of rose water.
    • Apply the mix on the face, gently massaging for 10-15 minutes.
    • Leave it on overnight and wash off face next morning, feeling fresh and soft.
  3. Avocado And Honey Moisturizer

    Avocado And Honey Moisturizer


    • ½ ripe avocado
    • 1 tbsp honey


    • In a bowl mash a ripe avocado and mix one tablespoon honey in it.
    • Apply the mix on the face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes.
    • Wash off with cold water and feel instant softness and glow.
    • Repeat the process twice a week for quick and best results.
  4. Almond And Lemon Moisturizer

    Almond And Lemon Moisturizer


    • 1 tbsp almond oil
    • 3-4 drops fresh lemon juice


    • Take one tablespoon almond oil and mix a few drops of fresh lemon juice to it.
    • Apply all over the face, gently massaging for 10-15 minutes and leave it on overnight
    • Next morning feel the freshness on face and apply it every day for best results.

Step 7 Facial At Home - Toning

Toning is one of the most important steps in skin care regime and is considered as the final step for a nourished and healthy skin. A good toner helps in removing the remaining dirt, excess oil and debris left after the facial process. It also helps in soothing and hydrating the skin which makes the skin follicles strong and healthy. Toning helps in restoring the pH balance of the skin.

Home remedies for skin toning:

  1. Rose Water Toner

    Rose Water Toner
    • Read on how to use rose water for toning. The best toner would be rose water, which is easily available and is totally natural.
    • Wipe your face and neck with a cotton ball soaked in rose water and wash off with cold water.
    • Feel the instant difference in the skin tone and texture.
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar Toner

    Apple Cider Vinegar Toner
    • Apple cider is one of the best anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial ingredients that wipes off all the impurities from the skin.
    • Just soak a cotton ball with the vinegar and apply all over face and neck areas, gently massaging for 10 minutes.
    • Wash off with cold water and repeat the process twice a week for best results.
  3. Mint And Lemon Toner

    Mint And Lemon Toner
    • In a bowl boil 3-4 mint leaves and strain. In a mixer, grind the boiled leaves to a paste and add juice of a lemon in it and mix properly.
    • Apply on the face and neck areas and leave it on for 10-15 minutes.
    • Wash off with cold water.

    Also, read more about mint leaves uses for skin for brighter looking skin.

  4. Aloe Vera And Honey Toner

    Aloe Vera And Honey Toner
    • Scrape off aloe vera gel from a leaf and add a teaspoon of honey in it.
    • Mix the gel properly and apply on the face, gently massaging for five minutes and keep it on for another 10 minutes.
    • Wash off with cold water.

    If you still yearn a hassle free facial, you should definitely give FEM facial kit a go. You can easily get the facial you desire, at home.

Learn How To Do A Facial At Home Using Fem Pearl Facial Kit:

Fem is a market leader when it comes to enhancing one’s beauty. Pearl facial is one of the best ways to get soft and glowing skin naturally. It is easy to do at home comforts and is great for those who have dark and patchy skin. Fem Pearl facial helps in removing the tan, brightens the face and nourishes the skin thoroughly leaving it soft and supple. There are just few easy fairness tips / steps on how to get fair skin that one can follow to do this economical facial at home. But always make sure to do a skin patch test before going ahead with the facial.

Learn How To Do A Facial At Home Using Fem Pearl Facial Kit

The Fem Pearl Facial Product Kit Would Consist Of The Following Ingredients:

  • Pearl cleansing gel
  • Pearl scrub
  • Pearl massage gel
  • Pearl massage cream
  • Pearl gel pack
  • Pearl magic powder

Here Are Few Easy Steps To Follow To Complete The Facial At Home.

  • First clean your face thoroughly with the help of Pearl cleansing gel to remove dirt and make up.
  • Then scrub the face gently, in a clockwise motion for 10-15 minutes all over the face and neck areas.
  • Clean the face with the help of a wet towel and take massage gel in your palms
  • Apply the gel on the face and neck areas using circular motions for 10-15 minutes till the time the gel gets totally absorbed in the skin.
  • Thereafter, apply the massage cream in the same manner and keep taking a little bit water on the face to help the cream absorb in the skin easily and faster.
  • Wipe the face with the help of a wet towel and thereafter, apply the pearl gel pack and leave it on for 15 minutes.
  • Wash off face with cold water and instantly feel a soft and glowing skin instantly.
  • Repeat the facial at home every month for rejuvenated and radiant skin.

So quit waiting in parlors, don’t waste money on expensive facial treatments, just get started with the above skin care tip, give yourself a good and inexpensive facial at home and say hello to glowing skin!

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