Pros And Cons of Different Hair Removal Methods

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Pros And Cons of Different Hair Removal Methods
If you’re thinking about removing unwanted hair, there are many hair removal methods that can help you achieve it. Though a lot of women follow different kinds of hair removal method that end up damaging their skin, we have a great alternative technique in store for you that will leave your skin feeling more smooth, soft and supple than ever before. Here’s a list of the most commonly used hair removal techniques
  • Shaving: One of the most used methods of hair removal for woman, shaving is quick, easy and fairly painless. However, it attributes to a great risk of irritation and razor burn. It also increases your need to shave every couple of days due to recurring hair growth.
  • Waxing: A painful process, waxing involves hair strands being yanked out after being stuck to wax strips. Though you can buy it in ready-to-use strips or hot wax kits that you can use at home, it’s advisable that you avail salon services for best results. What’s more, this is not a cheap method.
  • Plucking: One of the most old fashioned methods, is a good and easy way to get rid of those stubborn little hair strands. In fact, the results that you get from plucking accurately are truly amazing. But it’s no good if you want to get rid of the hair on a leg or underarm.
  • Threading: An ancient but increasingly popular technique where a cotton thread is doubled and twisted and rolled oved the hair, threading seems more like an extreme version of plucking. It doesn’t harm the skin but needs to be done accurately. It works the best on flat areas like eyebrows, upper lip or chin, and can get painful if done unevenly.
  • Electrolysis: A permanent method of hair removal, Electrolysis one of the most expensive hair removal techniques. If you’re considering to get it done, make sure that you find yourself a reputable and experienced expert.
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