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How To Use Fem Hair Removal Cream

How To Use Fem Hair Removal Cream
Whoever said that hair removal creams make your skin dark, rough and patchy probably never stumbled upon the right one. With its unique pH-balancing lotion, Fem Anti Darkening Hair Removal Cream protects your skin by balancing its pH level unlike regular hair removing creams that increase it, making it dry and coarse after depilation. Enriched with the power of herbal ingredients, Fem provides superior benefits for skin. The FEM Hair Removal Cream removes unwanted hair without affecting the skin. Unlike other hair removal creams, it is enriched with ingredients safe for the skin and it is the best hair removal cream.




FEM Hair Removal Cream - Gold

Enriched with the magical benefits of Gold, FEM Hair Removal Cream is ideal for normal skin. The combination of Swaran Bahsam (Gold Dust) and Jojoba Oil miraculously nourishes and soothes skin and makes it gloom naturally.

FEM Hair Removal Cream - Rose

Combining the natural benefits of Rose flower and Jojoba Oil, the Rose FEM Hair Removal Cream works gently on sensitive skin. The Vitamin A and fatty acids protect the sensitive layer of the skin from irritation and makes it healthy and radiant.

FEM Hair Removal Cream - Turmeric

Ideal for oily skin, the Turmeric FEM Hair Removal Cream is enriched with Turmeric Oleoresin and Liquorice Extract. Its natural herbal properties control excess secretion of oil and make it the best hair removal cream to give the skin a natural healthy glow.

FEM Hair Removal Cream - Sandal

With high oil contents and humectants, FEM Hair Removal Cream works like magic on dry skin. Enriched with Sandal Extracts and Jojoba Oil, it protects the skin from losing its natural oil and making it soft making it the best hair removal cream.

How to use FEM Anti Darkening Hair Removal Cream?

Just follow these easy steps to soft and glowing hairless skin:
  • Make sure that you do a patch test if you’re using the Fem Anti-Darkening Hair Removal Cream for the first time.
  • Apply the cream evenly using the new FEM Velvet Touch Spatula.
  • Keep the cream applied for 3-6 minutes and then start removing the hair(depending on the thickness and growth).
  • Remove the cream with the spatula, rinse thoroughly with plain water and pat it dry.
  • Gently apply the FEM Anti Darkening Post Hair Removal Moisturiser. Enriched with special skin anti darkening ingredients, it makes the skin radiant and gives it a silky smooth touch.
Go and experience FEM cream hair removal today and share your FEM anti darkening hair removal cream review with us in the comments section below!
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