Bridal Beauty Care Essentials Cosmetics Advice

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Bridal Beauty Care Essentials Cosmetics Advice
With the innumerable pre-wedding functions, no bride-to be wants to look less than perfect for any of them. Just like the wedding, these traditional rituals also require you to look your best. But the endless ongoing wedding preparations can make you lose track of your beauty needs. That’s why it is important to be prepared with those few natural beauty/other essentials that could prove to be your best friends for the week to come. So don’t you worry about a thing, because we’ve got it all covered. Here are some bridal must-haves that will make you look and feel beautifully radiant throughout the course.
  • Vanity Box
    Say hello to your best mate. This guy will be your treasure chest for all your beauty requirements. That is why you should get yourself a spacious one so that it can store big products like moisturiser and foundation bottles as well as small utility products like make-up brushes and other tools.
  • Moisturiser
    Before putting your makeup, hydrate your skin with Dabur Gulabari Moisturising Lotion to prevent dryness and redness. Make sure to let it get absorbed into your skin.
  • Base Makeup
    Add a high quality foundation to your box for a perfect glowing look and don’t forget to keep a pressed powder handy for quick fixes. Make sure to match the shades of both.
  • Blush
    A naturally flushed and glowing look is what everyone looks forward to. Get that with a rosy cream blush for a subtle look or a shimmery blush for a brighter look. Get that lovelier, prettier glow and be an eye catcher.
  • Nail and Lip Colours
    Look bright with the perfect nail paints that complement the dresses that you’re going to wear and 2 or 3 shades of lipstick that gives you the perfect pout without drying them out. You can also use a top coat so that the nail colour looks shiny a lip gloss to give the right amount of sparkle to your pout.
  • Eye Makeup
    A black kajal pencil and eyeliner are must-haves for your box. You can choose different shades to match your outfits and for different occasions. And of course the eye shadow. For eyes it is best to get palettes that come with many options. Choose a mix of basic matte and shimmery hues. And for longer, fuller and appealing look don’t forget to apply some mascara. Weddings are all for gorgeous eyes, so a mix and match of these colours will ensure dazzling look.
  • Tools & Applicators
    Apart from the make-up, it is important to keep few tools like basic makeup brushes, an eye lash curler, tweezers that help in the process.
  • Extras
    If you’re still left with some room keep don’t forget to carry cotton pads, tissue papers, face blots, Q-tips and shadow applicators handy to fix and correct the makeup when necessary as it is a day for lots of activity and you need occasional retouches.
Now that you’re well aware of what all to put in that magical treasure chest, get enlightened on what kind of Foods to avoid before your wedding. And don’t forget to share your end of tips and pointers with us in the comments section and ways to enhance your natural beauty.

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