Benefits of Tea Tree Oil For Glowing Skin

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Benefits of Tea Tree Oil For Glowing Skin
A popular natural ingredient, tea tree oil is natural ingredient in a number of beauty products like shampoos, face cleansers, etc. But since the usage of essential oils for skin being a relatively new trend, read on to find out why it is a must-have in your beauty regime, especially for your skin.
  • For acne

    We’ve all heard that tea tree oil is hugely beneficial for the skin, but we know that oil and acne-prone skin don’t really go well together. However, research shows that tea tree oil works like Benzoly Peroxide to cure acne naturally, that too without any reddening or peeling of skin. What happens is that tea tree oil reduces sebum production and fights acne producing bacteria on the skin. So how does one use it? Try this skin care tip - mix 3 drops of tea tree oil in ½ a cup of water, dip a cotton ball and dab it on the affected areas, leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash it off with Dabur Gulabari Rose Water. This will zap out the zit and give you glowing skin. You can also try using tea tree oil with multani mitti or aloe vera gel and for more skin care tips on how to banish acne marks, read this article.
  • For relief from burns

    Tea tree oil is a great remedy for skin burns, like razor burns or sun burns. If not treated, burns tend to be nagging, uncomfortable and even painful, so follow this skin care tip - dab a few drops of tea tree essential oil on a piece of cotton and apply on your skin. The gentle tingle will soothe your skin and give you instant relief.
  • For skin treatment

    Tea tree oil has magical anti-bacterial properties which make it an effective anti-viral and anti-fungal home remedy. You can use it to cure anything from an athlete’s foot or nail infection to cold sores and allergic reactions. The antiseptic properties of this oil can also treat cuts, wounds, burns, boils and other skin disorders. You can boil tea tree leaves in water or dilute the essential oil in water and apply all over the affected area to soothe skin and reduce redness. Having said that, if you have a more serious infection like eczema, it’s best to see a doctor.
  • For healthy skin

    Not just blemishes, dark spots and pimples, tea tree oil can be a great skin care tips. You can use it on a daily basis in the form of a face wash and keep skin woes at bay.
What’s more, tea tree oil packs a punch when it comes to hair care as well. Read more on how to have glowing skin at home.

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