8 Benefits of Vitamin E for Skin

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8 Benefits of Vitamin E for Skin
Vitamin E is the elixir for skin. Almost all beauty products boast about it and doctors prescribe it to patients looking for skin remedies too. It has many antioxidants in it which prevent the harmful free radicals from making your skin age, dull and dry. This article will give you many skin care tips, all related to vitamin E.
  1. Treats burns and scars: Rub gently over wounds or scars caused by burns and acne to make them go away. Not only does it help fresh scars, but even the old ones. It can even heal stretch marks and birth marks if applied regularly along with gentle rubbing in circular motion.
  2. Treats skin conditions: Many skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can be cured with regular application of vitamin E oil.
  3. Prevents skin cancer: You can apply vitamin E oil to your skin along with the sunscreen to protect against harmful radiations of the skin. This skin care tip is effective in preventing major ailments like skin cancer.
  4. Moisturises skin: Vitamin E is a natural skin moisturiser and a great alternative for cosmetic products which contains chemicals. It also contains antioxidants which help in anti-ageing. You can also mix olive oil with vitamin E oil in equal amounts to apply over night as it facilitates the absorption.
  5. Treats sunburns: Vitamin E oil also treats minor sunburns. Apply it twice a day on the affected area for quick relief.
  6. Treats brown spots: Brown spots caused due to ageing, liver problems or free radical damage can be cured with the help of vitamin E oil. Apply on brown spots for faster cell regeneration which will moisturise your dry skin and lighten the spots.
  7. Cleanses:Using an oil as a cleanser? Yes, this skin care tip will tell you why you can use vitamin E oil as a cleanser. All the dirt and dead cells accumulated on your face can be removed with just a few drops of vitamin E oil dabbed on cotton and gives you glowing skin.
  8. Removes make up:Vitamin E oil is suitable for use even on sensitive areas such as around your eyes. Use it regularly under your eyes to prevent dark circles and crow’s feet. You can even dip a cotton ball in vitamin E oil and wipe it over your face to remove make up.
These skin care tips can assure you a longer youth and glowing skin which is healthy from inside. Make use of them and get going with the many benefits of vitamin E oil. If you know more home remedies using vitamin E, drop in a comment.

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