6 Hacks on How to Care Oily Skin in Summer

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6 Hacks on How to Care Oily Skin in Summer
Ice cream trucks, picnics, beaches and flip flops. Despite summer bringing countless seasonal delights, a few bummers usually tag along, including oily skin and melting makeup. Irrespective of your skin type, hot weather can cause your skin pores to open wide resulting in sweating and excessive oil production. During summer, there’s more humidity in the air, so even though skin doesn’t actually produce more oil, the oil sits on the surface longer and may mix with sweat so your face feels greasier. Fortunately, you don’t need to sit in front of the AC to stay fresh. Just follow these easy oily skin care tips and you’ll definitely come to know how to get fair skin in summer without getting it oily and greasy.
  1. Wash your Face
    Wash your Face

    Even if you don't tend to break out or switch to a cleanser that fights pimples, make sure that it at least keeps your skin looking matte. Use Dabur Gulabari Face Cleanser to keep your skin looking fresh and oil free. Washing the face at frequent time intervals is considered one of the best practice in oily skin care tips.
  2. Don't Skip your Sunblock
    Don't Skip your Sunblock

    A healthy dose of sunblock helps control oil and shine. But if you skip putting on all your make-up and slather on a mineral-based block with oil-absorbing micronized zinc or titanium dioxide, not only will it protect your skin from the summer heat but will also make your skin look matte.
  3. Exfoliate Weekly
    Exfoliate Weekly

    A gentle scrub sloughs off dead skin cells, which will not only prevent breakouts, but will make all the oil-controlling products you apply more effective. It’s also a great solution on how to care oily skin in summer.
  4. Cut Down on Make-up
    Cut Down on Make-up

    Applying foundation is not a good idea in summers as it melts into your pores and clogs them, and they produce more oil. Try a mineral powder foundation, which sucks up excess oil like a sponge.
  5. Your Diet Affects your Skin
    Your Diet Affects your Skin

    A healthy diet regime is among the top notes of oily skin care tips. Cocktails and spicy foods don’t do your skin any favours, instead they dilate blood vessels, and make you perspire more. So limit your spicy food intake to no more than once a week. And consider eating fresh vegetables like carrots, cantaloupe, and spinach that are high in vitamin A and help in slowing oil production.
  6. Don’t Forget Blotting Your Skin
    Don’t Forget Blotting Your Skin

    A lot of women apply powder on their oily skin thinking that it would help control the greasy look. But instead of making the skin look matte, these powders make a cakey mess. Instead, reach for blotting papers with a touch of translucent powder and soak up excess oil and don't over-strip, so you really can't overuse them.
Follow these magical oily skin care tips for glowing skin and say goodbye to that oily summer skin. Don’t forget to share your views and secrets in the comments section below. Also read tips on how to make your skin fair in summers.

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