5 Magnificent Indian Wedding Theme Ideas

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5 Magnificent Indian Wedding Theme Ideas
There’s nothing quite vibrant, action-packed and crazy as a big fat Indian wedding. And a themed wedding venue can not only double the fun, charm and excitement but also make your big day extremely memorable. Check out these magnificent themes to make your wedding as special as the both of you.
  1. The Peacock Theme:
    With the peacock feather as your muse, and your wedding event as your blank canvas, the sky is the limit. And there can’t be a better occasion to use a colourful and elegant peacock palette. Leave it to nature to create the perfect balance of bright, bold and vibrant blues, greens, purples and gold. A hint of peacock such as a peacock feather shoe, ornament or a peacock hue eye shadow are nice small touches but a peacock colour lehngha will definitely be the talk of the wedding and enhance your natural beauty.
  2. Royal Wedding:
    Gone are the days when royal weddings were reserved for the kings and queens. Today, you could have your very own royal wedding by booking a palace in India. The combination of rich colours, ravishing feasts and magnificent chandeliers will definitely make your maharaja style dream wedding come true. But make sure that you have a royal budget as well!
  3. Sparkled Up:
    Though it’s your day to shine, why not sparkle up the wedding venue as well? No matter what colour your lehngha is, gold goes with a lot of rich colours like purple and green. Why not experiment with these colours and drape the mandap in shades of gold, red or blue. Even the wedding invitations can be customised according to the theme. Since sparkle is the key here, the wedding attires of both bride and groom can match the theme such as custom zardozi elements and a bit of glamour in the overall look.
  4. The Lotus Theme:
    The A perfect mix of tradition and grandeur, the lotus theme has started gaining a lot of popularity off late. More and more wedding planners are devising ways to use the lotus in the most interesting ways at the wedding venues. The key is use the theme to create memorable centre points that would at each ceremony. For instance, the main entrance and path leading to the venue of jaimala could be flanked by grand lotus petals giving a red carpet walk-through for the guests. The sangeet ceremony could include a lovely floating candle arrangement, and the pathway leading to the venue of the jaimala could also have a grand entry path. The key is to use the theme to create memorable centre points in each ceremony for the wedding.
  5. Open Air Garden:
    A mesmerising and romantic open venue, the garden theme is not only fabulous but also light on the pocket. With almost no need of spending money on the costly decoration and other venue arrangements which are mostly required in closed halls, using fairy lights, flowers, decorative plants bouquets, centrepieces and other natural decors will make the place look straight out of a fairytale.
Deck up your wedding venue based on a theme and if picking outfits that compliment the theme tend to look too over-the-top, remember natural beauty is always in and works with every theme!

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