4 Simple Natural Home Remedies for Dry Skin

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4 Simple Natural Home Remedies for Dry Skin
Every lady loves their skin madly and can’t stay away from their very own beauty products and skin care products for a single day. Getting mad and frustrated at time when the skin goes dry is very obvious and common these days. Every third lady and even teenage girls are suffering from the common issue of dry skin. Dry skin is not an uninvited skin issue; it only comes when an individual gives it invitation with their wrong habits and lack of care towards skin. And after that the whole trouble story of dry skin starts. Ever since the childhood, everyone must have heard of natural remedies for dry skin that works great forever and ever. But surely everyone has ignored those old stories as many times as it got into the ear.

Beauty is a gift of nature and the same nature has the power to destroy and enhance it. The only need is to remove the blinding strap of How to get fair skin products from eyes and see the real results. A large ratio of people is using blindly the popular and expensive skin care creams and products marketed by big brands. Without even doing a reality check or observing a result, people are using it on and on without questioning own self the end result. And finally, if one product doesn’t work, the blind faith turns the person to some other brand’s product. In today’s world, everyone likes to achieve everything quickly and immediately. And with this perception, they have even thought to buy fairness and achieve it as soon as they apply those expensive skin products. It is needless to say that the result of shortcut passes away with a shortcut.

Nothing could be achieved overnight. An individual has to work hard to achieve every single thing in their life. Similarly, achieving good skin and maintaining it is an ongoing process for lifetime. If there is lack or ignorance then the hard work and efforts of year in the name of skin care could go in dust. It is important to realize to that skin care is important to avoid the skin issue like dry skin or even dullness. When relying on unknown products for skin care is so easy and so quick then why everyone needs to question the capabilities of home remedies for dry skin or any other skin issue.

The process of drying of skin, dullness and all other issues are natural process of body. And the natural process of body changes its healthy route only when there is any kind of change in the individual’s habits and practices. Off course, the external factors do matter and affect to a large extend but the individual do contribute equally. Hence, an analysis of the factor that leads to dryness of skin is necessary for an individual. Some common factor and reasons that turns the skin dry, itchy and dull are as follows:

  • Weather: Undoubtedly, weather is the biggest factor that quickly affects the skin. Changing weather and atmospheric conditions has direct impact over skin. Cold and harsh wind of winter takes away the moisture of skin and makes it dry. On the other side, the exhausting hot rays of summer makes the body dehydrated and the skin gets affected with such nature.
  • Harsh products: The daily life tasks are also a big struggle for skin and especially the dealing with harsh products like soaps and detergents. The high pH scale of most soaps and detergents strips down the moisture of skin and makes it dry and dull. Avoiding direct contact with such soaps, detergents and cleaning agents is the best way to avoid damage to skin. Even some antibacterial soaps and deodorants also take away the moisture of skin. So, beware of using any or every deodorant or other harsh product available in market.
  • Exposure to sun: It is a fact that nobody can avoid contact with sun rays as nobody can stay in home all the time. But it is possible to protect the skin from excessive sun exposure which harms the skin and makes it dry. Staying in sun for few minutes won’t harm skin and in fact it’s necessary for body. But staying in sun for long hours could lead to dry skin, patches, redness and other problems. The only reason of damage is the harmful action of ultra-violet rays of sun. So, try to cover the skin before moving out in sun for long hours. Wondering how to remove tan? All you have to do is apply the appropriate sunscreen to protect your skin from the UV rays of the sun.
  • Skin conditions: Certain skin conditions are also responsible for the dryness of skin. Some examples of such skin condition are atopic dermatitis known as eczema and psoriasis, which is marked by buildup of dead, dry and rough skin cells.
  • Hot baths and heat: Hot water bath and showers are relaxing and for some it is the best practice to put off stress but this relaxing practice is harmful for skin. The sole reason of harm in this practice is the excessive hot nature of water that takes away the moisture of skin and makes it dry and lifeless. Heat or heating environments such as wood burning stoves, central heating, fireplaces and space heaters leads to reduction of humidity in a particular environment and dries the skin.

After knowing the factors that affects the skin, it is important to take some immediate and strict actions towards these factors. The external factors could be dealt efficiently while changing individual’s own habit is quite a difficult task. But if really wants to see the change and glow over their skin back, they have to put in some efforts. Efforts in changing their lifestyle, habits and they even have to do some practices like following some natural remedies for dry skin to reverse the external factor damage. So, don’t just sit back and mourn about the mistakes, gear up and move two steps ahead to kick off dry skin with some home remedies for dry skin. Here is the list of few magical remedies that would bring back the luster and moisture in skin:

  1. Egg Yolk and Olive Oil: Dry flaky skin can be nourished and treated well with olive oil. Rich in Vitamin K and E that are highly beneficial in treating dry skin and the anti-oxidants value makes olive oil a perfect choice for dry skin. And the very famous egg yolk needs no introduction of its benefits since it’s the king of beauty tips and home remedies for skin as well hair. The combination of egg yolk and olive oil is magical for dry skin treatment at home. To prepare the face pack, take one or two egg yolk as per the requirement and mix one teaspoon of good olive oil such as Dabur Vatika Olive Hair Oil and beat the mixture well. Now, apply the prepared mixture over dry facial skin evenly and let it work for 15 minutes. After this, clean face with normal water.
  2. Milk Cream:The natural milk cream is highly beneficial and skin friendly ingredient. The presence of lactic acid in milk cream does the job of exfoliating the dry skin and generating the growth new skin cells. And the milky smooth texture of milk cream helps in maintaining the sensitive pH balance of skin. And for the kind reminder, milk cream is the best moisturizer for dry skin. To utilize the benefit of milk cream in best manner, take two teaspoons of milk cream in a small bowl and add few drop of lemon juice to it. Now, rub the skin with this milky mixture and rinse off the skin with normal water.
  3. Glycerin: Glycerin is an easy pick in case of dry skin. Applying glycerin on regular basis over dry skin can help in retaining moisture as its easily absorbable for skin and hydrates the skin to great extent. Glycerin is easily available in market at every general store. To increase the efficiency of glycerin, one could use rose water and lemon juice in equal proportion with glycerin. One can buy natural rose water such as Dabur Gulabari Rosewater from market or can prepare it at home. Also, a good blend of rosewater and glycerin is available in some creams available in market. One good example of such cream is Dabur Gulabari Moisturising Cream.
  4. Yogurt and Banana: Banana is an all time available fruit and good for dry skin. The high protein and vitamin value of banana helps in regeneration of skin cells and makes the skin soft and smooth. Yogurt is great moisturizer and a natural cleansing agent for skin. It removes all the impurities and deeply cleanses the skin making the pores of skin clean and clear. Using the yogurt and banana mask for dry skin can change the texture to soft and smooth skin. Preparing yogurt and banana mask is very easy. Just mash one banana and add tablespoon yogurt to it. Mix both the ingredients well and apply it evenly over dry facial skin. Let the mask sit over skin for half an hour and then rinse the face with normal water.
The natural remedies for dry skin would not turn things upside down in one day, it is quite slow process. But even don’t consider it a very slow process. Following the remedies for few days dedicatedly would surely give positive results and if one follows the remedy regularly on regular interval then their skin is safe for lifetime. So, don’t underestimate the power of nature and give a chance to natural remedies to take care of your natural beauty.

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