Top 4 Papaya Hair Masks & Packs: Astonishing Benefits Of Using Papaya For Hair

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Papaya Hair Mask And Benefits For Hair

Papaya is known as a wonder fruit. Not only it has immense health benefits but also is great for hair and skin. It rehydrates the skin tissues and follicles giving them strength and vigor. Papaya for hair treatment works like a magic drug and hence lot of natural and ayurvedic hair creams and lotions depend on the tropical fruit for wonders. Read following benefits and hair care tips using papaya.

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  1. Papaya Benefits For Hair:
    1. Stimulates hair growth
    2. Eliminates dandruff
    3. Works As Hair Conditioner
  2. Papaya Hair Mask & Hair Pack For Hair Growth
    1. Yogurt & Papaya Hair Mask
    2. Honey & Papaya Hair Pack
    3. Lemon & Papaya Seed Hair Mask
    4. Coconut & Papaya Hair Mask
  1. Papaya Benefits For Hair:

    Being a very high rich source of nutrients, minerals, anti-oxidants and flavonoids, papaya is loaded with the wonders that make hair shiny, thick and strong. The various papaya benefits for hair are listed below:

    1. Stimulates Hair Growth

      Papaya is great for hair follicles that need lot of nourishment to grow. Hence, papaya for hair growth is a must. The folic acid helps improve circulation to the hair and helps to grow long and strong hair. It is always advisable to include papaya to daily meals in order to reap its benefits.

    2. Eliminates Dandruff

      Papaya for hair can be used in many ways and one of them is using the seeds to eliminate dandruff. Seeds can be used easily to make a papaya hair mask that helps to control and eliminate fungal infection and cleanses the scalp as well.

    3. Works As Hair Conditioner

      Papaya can hydrate hair cells and help them grow in a healthy manner. It also helps to restore the lifeless and dull cells and make then grow into soft and shiny hair. Papayas have a very high Vitamin A content that promotes the production of sebum, body’s natural oil.

      Papaya has been since ancient times used as hair mask and packs in order to achieve the desired results. Even though many beauty companies today have begun using papaya for their products, it is very easy to incorporate the fruit in daily hair care regime. Below are few of the papaya hair pack and masks that are not just simple and easy to make but also very effective.

  2. Papaya Hair Mask & Hair Pack For Hair Growth

    1. Yogurt & Papaya Hair Mask

      Both yogurt and papaya are known to rehydrate the cells and promote healthy hair growth. This papaya hair mask is very effective, especially for those with dry hair as it smoothens and softens the mane.

      Yogurt & Papaya Hair Mask

      • One cup fresh yogurt
      • Half papaya, peeled and mashed
      • One teaspoon fresh lemon juice
      • In a bowl mix together one cup fresh yogurt along with half ripe papaya which is peeled and mashed and a few drops of fresh lemon juice properly to make a thick paste.
      • Wet the hair and start applying the paste starting from the hair roots to the strands and leave it on for 50 minutes to an hour for best results.
      • Thereafter, wash off with a mild shampoo and normal water and repeat the process weekly for best results.
      • This papaya hair pack is best suited for those with dry hair as it moisturizes and conditions from inside thoroughly.
    2. Honey & Papaya Hair Pack

      Both papaya and honey are again known for moisturizing and hydrating abilities and hence they make a great mask for hair. They help in rejuvenating the hair health making them long and strong in no time. Read following long hair tips and home remedies for long hair.

      Honey & Papaya Hair Pack

      Ingredients: Method:
      • In a bowl, mix together half overripe papaya after peeling and mashing it, along with one tablespoon raw honey and the same amount of olive hair oil.
      • Apply the mask on the hair roots and massage in soft motions for 10-15 minutes.
      • Apply more of the mask till the hair strands and leave it on for an hour.
      • Wash off with mild shampoo and water and repeat the process at least twice a month.
      • Papaya for hair through this mask helps immensely during rough and dry winter months.
    3. Lemon & Papaya Seed Hair Mask

      When one asks is papaya good for hair find out various benefits one can reap from the fruit. Apart from the pulp, the seeds are very good to control dandruff. This papaya hair mask helps in controlling dandruff and removing the fungal infection from the scalp, cleaning it thoroughly.

      Lemon & Papaya Seed Hair Mask

      • Seeds of one ripe papaya
      • Two tablespoons fresh juice of a lemon
      • In a mixer, blend seeds of one papaya to paste and then add two tablespoons fresh lemon juice to it.
      • Thereafter, mix the mask properly and apply on wet hair.
      • Massage on the scalp with the mask for 10-15 minutes and let it sit for another 30-45 minutes.
      • Wash off with cold water and a mild shampoo and repeat the process weekly to get rid of dandruff fast. Click to read more home remedies on how to remove dandruff.
    4. Coconut & Papaya Hair Mask

      Both papaya and coconut are known to be antiseptic and clean the scalp, making it free from bacterial and fungal infections. This mask with coconut and papaya for hair growth and nourishment works well for all kinds of hair.

      Coconut & Papaya Hair Mask

      Ingredients: Method:
      • In a bowl mix together one over ripe papaya that is peeled and mashed to a pulp, along with two tablespoons coconut hair oil, one tablespoon scraped fresh coconut and a few drops of fresh lemon juice, to make a thick paste.
      • Apply this coconut and papaya hair pack on the scalp, gently massaging in circular motions for over 10 minutes and then go on till the hair strands.
      • Let the mask sit on the hair for around 30-40 minutes and thereafter wash off with a mild shampoo.
      • Repeat the process weekly in order to get the long, strong and shiny tresses you have always dreamt of.

    Need more information on how to use papaya for hair, home remedies for thick hair, & how to get long hair keep reading our blog.

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