How Damaged Is Your Hair?

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How Damaged Is Your Hair
Have bad hair days happening way too often? Apart from those rare days when you hit the salon and come out looking like you were a part of a glam TV commercial, most of us have lacklustre hair that we conveniently hide in a messy bun or a simple ponytail. But let’s face it, we all have hair fall, we all have hair that looks dry and damaged and far from commercial-worthy. And at some point in life, we stop lusting after gorgeous hair and settle to the fact that we have to live with hair damage. Let’s not get started on how untrue it is, because damaged hair isn’t something you’ve got to live with. Let’s find out how damaged your hair is in the first place by asking yourself the following questions and then look at some hair care tips to undo the damage.
  1. Describe your hair
    • Fine
    • Medium
    • Coarse
  2. How often do you trim your hair?
    • Once a month
    • Twice a year
    • Never
  3. How often do you wash your hair?
    • Every day
    • Twice a week
    • Once a week
  4. How often do you use styling tools?
    • Never
    • Only on special occasions
    • Every time I wash
  5. How often do you go for a deep conditioning treatment?
    • Once a week
    • Not often
    • Never
  6. Run your fingers through wet hair and tell us what happens?
    • It’s a smooth run
    • My fingers get stuck in the tangled ends
    • My fingers are left with broken hair strands
  7. Do you eat healthy for your hair?
    • Yes
    • No
    • I don’t think about my hair when I eat
If you’ve picked the first option for most questions, your hair gets adequate amount of TLC, if you’ve mostly picked the second option, you could do with some more hair care and if you’ve gone with the last option for most questions, your hair couldn’t be more damaged and you could definitely do with some help, so here are a few handy hair care tips for you to follow. As you can make out from the questions above, the first answer is the recommended hair care tip. So make sure you trim your hair every six weeks to remove split ends. Wash your hair 3 times a week using a good gentle cleanser – don’t overdo the shampooing, that robs your hair of the natural oils. Don’t skip the conditioning, even if you have an oily scalp your hair needs it. For dry scalps, hot oil massages prove to be a more effective hair care tip. Avoid heat styling as much as possible, it may give you instant glam results but in the long run it just makes your hair dull and causes premature greying. Don’t comb when your hair is wet, it causes more hair fall. Don’t tie your hair too tight either. Eat a balanced and healthy diet, drink enough water, and your hair will look healthy as well! Read more long and healthy hair tips at our blog.

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