7 Home Remedies Using Flax Seeds For Hair

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7 Home Remedies Using Flax Seeds For Hair

Being super rich in omega-3 fatty acids, flaxseeds are a magic potion for dull and dry hair. They not just revive the health of your hair by boosting their quality but also increase their elasticity and nourish the scalp. Regular use and consumption of flax seeds help in reducing hair problems like dandruff, itchiness and hair breakage. In a nutshell, flaxseeds are natural and sure shot way to get rid of all hair-related problems. Flaxseed for hair also mean strengthened hair follicle and a natural and inexpensive cure to keep scalp infections caused by bacteria and fungi away.


  1. Flax Seeds Benefits For Hair
  2. How To Make Flax Seed Gel At Home
  3. Flax Seed Hair Mask


  1. Flax Seeds Benefits For Hair

Flaxseed benefits for hair are innumerable and its regular inclusion in your hair care regime can give you surprising and really effective results.

  1. Provides vitamin E

A daily dose of flaxseed can be your key to growing thick and strong hair. They are rich vitamin E, which is very important for healthy and naturally shiny hair. It also ensures prevention of thinning of hair, hair fall and breakage. Flax seeds are also a rich source of antioxidants that help in preventing premature hair graying.  

  1. Nourishes hair

Flaxseeds for hair growth is an awesome idea! Wonder why? Because they are packed with nutrients like zinc, iron, omega3 fatty acids, protein and calcium. All of which effectively contributes towards nourishing the hair from deep within and encourage growth of healthy and problem free hair. The presence of all these essential nutrients also ensure nourishment of hair shafts and prevention of split-ends & breakage.

  1. Conditions hair

Hair can be healthy once they are completely nourished and strong. But apart from that, the mane should also be conditioned properly, in a bid to make them manageable. Flaxseeds help in conditioning the hair, making them soft and shiny and ending dryness and frizz.

  1. Moisturizes the scalp

Flaxseed use for hair also include giving you a head full of gorgeous tresses. Regular use of flax seeds helps in conditioning the scalp, keeping them soft and free of infection causing bacteria and free radicals. It also aids in controlling other scalp related problems like eczema & dandruff and prevent premature graying of hair.


  1. Prevents baldness

Flaxseeds help promote hair growth and overcome baldness, especially in males. The seeds nourish the hair roots and follicles making the hair stronger and boost their volume as well. They help in generating new hair cells and repair the ones that have been damaged due to various reasons like pollution, improper diet, unhealthy lifestyle, stress or some underlying medical condition. Here are few tips for long hair.

Flaxseeds can be consumed directly, or used in various masks and packs. Flaxeed hair masks are sure and effective way to treat dull and dry hair conditions. There are few simple and quick hair care tips with home remedies that can be churned out using flax seeds for long and strong hair.


Prevents baldness


  1. How To Make Flax Seed Gel At Home


Flaxseed gel is said to be the best solution for all kinds of hair problems. It is an inexpensive solution to dry and frizzy hair as it moisturizes and conditions them from the root to the tip and make them silky smooth and manageable.


  • 2 tablespoons flax seeds
  • 1 bowl water


  • Overnight, soak two tablespoons flaxseeds in water
  • Next morning, in a pan heat 1 cup water
  • Add the soaked flaxseeds and keep stirring till the seeds have settled at the bottom of the pan
  • Once the seeds have settled, a thick layer of gel foam will appear on the top. Turn the heat off and let the mix cool down
  • Strain the seeds and keep the gel in an airtight container
  • Use this gel to apply on wet hair and keep it on for an hour

Wash it off with a mild shampoo and repeat the process weekly to tame fly aways and frizzy hair


  1. Flax Seed Hair Mask 

  1. Flaxseed And Gramflour Mask

Gram flour is known to strengthen the hair follicles and roots and with flaxseeds added to it, the hair mask helps in conditioning the scalp, making it bacteria free.


Flaxseed And Gramflour Mask



  • 1 tablespoon flaxseeds
  • 1 tablespoon gram flour
  • 1 tablespoons fresh yogurt


  • In a mixer, powder flaxseeds and gram flour together
  • Add two tablespoons fresh yogurt to the powder & make a thick paste
  • Apply on the scalp & hair
  • Cover with a towel or shower cap and leave it overnight
  • Next morning, wash it off with a mild shampoo
  • Repeat at least once a week
  1. Flaxseed And Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Coconut oil is like a magic potion that adds lot of strength and shine to the hair while making them stay problem free for long. Follow this home remedies for thick hair:


Flaxseed And Coconut Oil Hair Mask




  • In a bowl mix the powdered flaxseeds along with coconut oil and few drops of fresh lemon juice
  • Mix it well and apply on the hair starting from roots to the tips, gently massaging the scalp for 10-15 minutes
  • Leave it on overnight and next day wash it off with a mild shampoo
  • Repeat the process weekly for thicker and stronger hair


  1. Flaxseeds And Egg Mask

To boost your hair’s protein power, a mix of flaxseeds and eggs work best. Eggs will add natural shine to them while keeping the scalp conditioned and nourished for long.


Flaxseeds And Egg Mask



  • 1 egg
  • 1 tablespoon flaxseeds powder
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil 


  • In a bowl take flaxseeds powder and add egg and olive hair oil to it
  • Mix well and make a thick paste
  • Apply the mix on hair from roots to tips, gently massaging for 10-15 minutes.
  • Keep it on for 2-3 hours and wash off with cold water followed by a mild shampoo rinse
  • Repeat the process weekly


  1. Flaxseeds And Lemon Juice Mask

Being a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids and proteins, flaxseeds help in promoting thick hair naturally. Lemons help in keeping off dandruff and maintaining a clean and fresh scalp.


Flaxseeds And Lemon Juice Mask



  • 1 tablespoon flaxseed powder
  • 1 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  • Few drops of water


  • To the flaxseed powder, add fresh lemon juice and mix
  • Add few drops of water to make a slightly runny paste
  • Apply on the scalp and gently massage for 20 minutes.
  • Keep it on for another 2-3 hours and wash off with a mild shampoo for best results
  • Repeat the process twice a week


  1. Flaxseed And Honey Mask

Flaxseeds uses for hair are many and among them is combining it with honey to deeply moisturize the scalp and encourage growth of soft and naturally shiny hair.


Flaxseed And Honey Mask




  • In a bowl combine all the ingredients and make a thick paste
  • Apply on hair and scalp properly massaging for at least 10-12 minutes
  • Let it rest for half an hour and wash
  • Repeat the process once a week for best results


  1. Flaxseeds And Vinegar Mask

While flaxseeds help in strengthening the hair roots vinegar aids in cleansing of the scalp and remove dandruff .


Flaxseeds And Vinegar Mask



  • 1 tablespoon flaxseed powder
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar


  • Combine apple cider and flaxseed powder in a bow
  • Apply the paste on hair and scalp and massage for 20 minutes
  • Leave it on for 2-3 hours before rinsing it off with cold water
  • Repeat once a week for problem free & beautiful hair

Need more tips on how to use flaxseeds for growth of silky smooth hair? Keep following our blog.

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