6 Acupressure Points for Hair Growth and to Get Rid of Hair Fall

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6 Acupressure Points for Hair Growth and to Get Rid of Hair Fall

​ Everyone loves strong silky and voluminous hair. But with today’s lifestyle and tight work schedule it has become almost impossible to take care of the hair or indulge in an extensive hair therapy for strong, thick and beautiful mane. Result: most of us suffer from damaged, brittle, dull and unmanageable hair.

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One major side-effect of living in times like today is that most of us suffer from the problem of hair fall. While genetics, poor diet, irregular hair care regime or illness can cause your hair to fall; the fact is that it does affect us all in a very damaging way. Lumps of hair left behind in the bathroom or pillow not only breaks the heart but also points towards an alarming problem. A problem that if not tackled in time can lead to grave results.

With hair fall comes problems like hair damage, thinning, dandruff, fizziness and split ends. Hair fall constantly reminds of ill health of our hair and many times despite using best treatment and products does not help get over it. So, apart from trying out many natural remedies to curb hair fall, one can easily do acupressure.

What is acupressure?

Acupressure is a part of alternative medicine theory that has been practiced since ancient times and helps relieve of an ailment through various pressure points in our body. It is easy, simple and without any side effects and hence is practiced by many. Acupressure is a time-tested practice and hence requires regular practice in order to get rid problems.

Acupressure Points for Hair Growth and to Get Rid of Hair Fall

Acupressure for hair loss is very popular and a sure shot method of regaining lost confidence along with hair. Similar to hot oil massage, even though acupressure does not imply use of hair oil what it does is make you feel stress free, stimulate blood circulation to the head and stimulate growth of strong hair as well as strengthen the existing lot of mane. There are acupressure points for hair growth on the skull, which when pressed regularly help in making a lot of difference.

Here are few advantages of using acupressure for treating hair loss:

  • Regular practice of acupressure stimulates blood circulation in the scalp as these pressure points trigger a smooth flow of blood.
  • Pressing acupressure points for hair fall also removes all the toxins and dead skin cells from the scalp, strengthening the hair follicles and helping in faster growth of newer and stronger hair.
  • Acupressure for hair regain also helps in relieving stress and anxiety which is one of the external factors causing hair fall.
  • The practice of acupressure also helps in distributing oxygen and nutrients to flow to the scalp properly.

Explaining the acupressure points for hair fall and hair regain

Acupressure points for hair growth

There are many acupressure points on the skull which when pressed properly help in the cause of getting rid of hair problems.

  1. The “Paihui spot” located on the head right on the top is a very important acupressure points for hair fall which has to be stimulated and rubbed several times in a day. Pressing the “Paihui spot” revitalizes blood vessels and supplies nutrients and oxygen to hair follicles thereby strengthening them. It is also very important that you make circular movements with finger tips on the Paihui and massage after pressing so that the nerves in the skull calm down. There are some acupressure points also located on the stomach which also work for the same reason.
  2. Top stop hair fall and promote hair growth, the best acupressure points for hair fall are on the roots of the hair which should be gently tugged so as to stimulate the nerves of the scalp. The acupressure point chart for hair growth is usually six to eight fingers above the eye brows which is the softest part of the skull. If it is gently pressed, the nerves in the area relax and help in normal blood flow to the entire skull. One should always start with gently massaging on these points and then move on to making the strokes firmer.
  3. Another of acupressure points for hair growth is located in occipital ridge where the muscles join the skull. It is a very powerful joint just above the neck and instantly helps relieve stress and tension when pressed gently.
  4. Acupressure for hair growth is not very difficult once we follow the areas that can help get over the problems. The middle of the skull is another such place where pressing gently can help in providing instant rejuvenation and energy blood circulation.
  5. Also, the edge of the hairline makes a great acupressure points for hair growth, which when stimulated smoothly helps loosens nerves.
  6. There are also acupressure points for hair growth on hands which can be pressed several times a day for quicker results. The inner tip of thumb when pressed gently for 10-15 minutes can regulate nerves in the scalp to regulate blood flow and help in strengthening the hair roots.

Hair health totally depends on the supply of blood to the scalp and proper functioning of adrenal glands. To get soft, silky and stronger hair, one needs a good supply of blood and oxygen to the system and acupressure not only helps in boosting that but also revitalizes the scalp encouraging healthy growth of hair follicles and stopping hair fall.

Acupressure for hair growth helps in deactivating the DHT or dihydrotestosterone hormone which is responsible for hair loss. Regular acupressure practice helps in overcoming this common hair problem. Acupressure also helps in improving and enhancing the immune system and maintaining the overall health of blood. It also clears many bacteria and fungi, thus helps in reducing dandruff.

Acupressure for hair growth helps in keeping the energy and its forms at the right places, where it is distributed equally to various parts of the body. There are a number of elements that contribute to the hair health and vigor. One has to be really patient while undergoing acupressure as the results are sure shot but very slow. Apart from practicing acupressure for hair regain, one can also experience reduction in thinning and premature graying of hair, end to frizz and frequent split ends as well.

How to practice acupressure points for hair fall at home

If you are too pressed for time to visit a specialist or spa for acupressure therapy, you can always try one at home easily. You can ask a family member or friend to perform it on you for effective results. Here is your step-by-step guide on how to do acupressure for hair loss by yourself.

Step 1: Twirl the strands of hair to give a gentle tug at the roots as this will help stimulate the nerves of the scalp. Perform this step for all the hair on the scalp.

Acupressure points for hair fall

Step 2: Start pressing, gently, the seat of bliss (located 6-8 fingers away from the eyebrow on the forehead) in circular motion starting from the forehead and moving towards the rest of the skull.

Acupressure points for hair growth

Step 3: Gently start moving towards the occipital ridge (the point where the muscles join the skull and is part of the hairline just above the neck area). Pressing it with thumb and holding on for some time will completely relax you, lift away all the stress and stimulate the flow of blood in the area.

Acupressure points for hair fall

Step 4: Draw a line using your fingers from the occipital ridge to the middle of the scalp. The area on the scalp has many pressure points and by gently pressing them you can stimulate oxygen and blood flow.

Acupressure points for hair growth

Step 5: Move towards the edge of the hairline and press the area gently for sometime. It will not only stimulate the growth of hair but also make you feel relaxed.

Step 6: Continue repeating the motion till the time you feel the pressure points have loosened and your entire scalp has relaxed.

And apart from regularly practicing acupressure for hair growth, it is also very important to make some dietary changes in daily food intake by increasing proteins and minerals. Also it is important to take care of daily hair regime like oiling of hair and avoiding sun and pollution.

There are various nourishing oils and shampoos like Vatika Smoothing Treatment Shampoo that you can include in your hair care regime for desired and effective results. Enriched with 7 natural ingredients like amla, olive, almond, henna and shikakai among others; that strengthen hair follicles and stimulate growth of thick and strong hair, this shampoo will put an end to your hair fall woes with its regular use. Also, read our blog to learn more on home remedies for thick hair.

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