Summer Face Packs

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Summers can take away the beauty of your skin thereby it is extremely important to show ample love and care. After all healthy and glowing skin is like a dream and you don’t want that dream to go unfulfilled. Therefore, to maintain it take tout skin care tips and get a gorgeous skin in this hot weather.

First of all, make sunscreens an important part of your day time skin care regimen. Drink a lot of water to hydrate yourself in and out. Don’t forget to use moisturizers. Go for regular facials at home where you can massage your face with a cream, take steam and apply a pack afterwards.

Now apart from a good skin care routine you should also invest your time in face masks and packs. They actually help moisturizing and nourishing the skin. Here are some summer face packs for you that you can try and there should not be any excuse since they are very simple.

Nothing can calm your irritated and sun tanned/ burned skin like the way sandalwood does. You will need some sandalwood powder and Dabur Gulabari Rose water. Mix both of them to make a paste that is neither too thick nor runny. Apply this paste on the skin for 20 minutes and then rinse off. Rose water will give you a rose glow and sandal is widely known to soothe and lighten the skin.

Tomato and curd
While the summer is at its peak, sun rashes and sun tanning is quite commonly. You can say goodbye to both by using this tomato and curd face pack. Just take out the tomato pulp and mix it with some curd and try to make an even paste out of the two. Apply it for 15 minutes and then wash off. There may be some tingling sensation as enzymes in the tomatoes are working.

Neem powder and Fuller’s Earth
In summers oily skin can be quite annoying to take care of because of the uninvited pimples and skin problems. To keep the skin clear you can try this trusted and effective face pack for which you will need Neem powder that is available in the market and some fuller’s earth. You can mix both of them in some Dabur Gulabari Rose water to make a paste with medium consistency Gulabari acts as a great medium for your face packs as it will enhance the effects of the face packs. Neem is antimicrobial and Fuller’s earth will absorb all the excess oil from face giving it a clear glow.

Keeping and maintaining a healthy skin isn’t that difficult till the time you’re taking proper care. These face packs will further enhance your skin’s texture and keep that glow to last longer.

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