Skin care tips to beat the heat

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Nothing takes a toll on your skin like the way summer does. Tanning, pigmentation, Sun burn, Sun damage, blisters are very commonly seen in this season. You don’t want those blistered arms or sun burnt cheeks. Right? Therefore, while the mercury is getting higher you need to make sure that you take proper care of your delicate skin that is also the largest organ of your body. The skin care tips that we will be sharing can definitely keep your skin’s youthful glow intact!

Make Sunscreen your best friends
When you’re out in sun, UV rays can cause havoc, it can lead to premature aging, lines, pigmentation and tanning. Make sure, you always wear your sunscreen before you step out in sun. Not just your face but your body needs protection as well, before you think of showing some skin, slather that sunscreen generously. Sunscreens also prevent your bright complexion from darkening and hence preserve your skin’s natural beauty.

Hydration is the key not just in summers but all around the year, rain or shine. Here, we are not talking about just the moisturizers that you should include as an important step in your skin care regimen but hydrating your body is crucial. By that we mean WATER. Make sure, you drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day. Trust us on this and see your skin glowing from within.

Oily skin needs extra care during summers as oils (sebum), dirt, sweat etc can lead to skin problems. To keep your skin clean, wash your face with a good mild, gentle cleansing foam morning and evening. During the day use just the plain water to get rid of the greasiness. Keep face fresheners handy like Dabur Gulabari Rose water. It will clean your face within seconds to reveal a glow minus the oil and dirt.

Apart from these tips, try to exfoliate your face twice a week followed by a good face mask for your skin type.

We all want to look pretty with makeup but keeping the makeup minimal in summers pays off! It let’s your skin breath, hence, lesser skin problems. Do check that the products you are using on your face. They should be water based if your skin happens to be oily. If possible wear wide brimmed hats during the day and enjoy the summery breeze!

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