How to get pink lips naturally

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Nothing makes a person more attractive as smiling :) And nothing comes close to having soft pink lips naturally. As it is said nature has its own remedies that can work wonders. So here are the 5 natural ways to give back that colour and texture to your lips.

The first step to getting those soft lips is STOP LICKING THEM. It's very natural for people to lick their lips when they become dry thinking it would moisturise them but this works just the opposite. It makes the lips even more dry and dehydrated. The best way to prevent your lips from getting dry is regular use of lip balms.

Crushed sugar is an excellent exfoliate which scrubs off the darker layer of the lips. Using it with butter can work as a moisturiser too. Mix sugar and butter together to make a paste and apply it over the lips.

Application of honey overnight not only lightens but also makes the lips soft. If used every day, you can notice a great change in your lips within few weeks. Also if you have dry lips, you can massage them with a soft bristled brush in the morning to remove the scaly layer on the lips.

Known as a bleaching agent, lemon works wonder to give back those lighter pink lips to you. You can take a slice from a freshly cut lemon and smoothly massage it over the lips or you can squeeze the lemon and then gently apply the juice over your lips. Sprinkle some sugar on the lemon slice before applying it over your lips, as it will help remove the dead skin cells along with lightening the lips.

Beetroot contains a natural ingredient which when applied over the lips, decreases the darkness of lips making it lighter significantly. Grate and squeeze out the juice from beetroot and apply it over the skin every day for best results.

Dap a cotton ball in Dabur Gulabari Rose Water and wipe your lips with them ever night. It will not only make your lips rosy pink but will also keep them moisturized.
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