5 Simple Tips to Control Hair Fall

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Your hair is precious as it plays an important part in your beauty and health. It instantly adds beauty and has never been ignored when it comes to describing someone's beauty. But are you worried about the hair strands coming off every now and then, and you have started noticing them on pillows, mattress etc., then, you are surely suffering from hair fall. Hair fall can be a common problem these days. Stress, hygiene, certain products, genetics, child birth, post pregnancy can be the reason behind it. Whatever is the reason, if you are really worried and thinking how to stop hair fall then our natural hair care tips will work for you!

  1. Heat styling
    If you are already suffering from hair fall then the first thing you should do is to cut down or stop the heat treatments like hair dryers, straightening irons, hot hair rollers and curling irons etc. It's better to let your hair air dry and minimize the use of chemical styling products. They can harm your hair and make them dry.
  2. Choose the right products
    Always choose hair care products that are not loaded with too many chemicals and should be mild like the shampoos, conditioners, masks, etc. Try Vatika Premium Naturals Heena and Olive Shampoo that has the power of olive along with heena to make the hair stronger and silkier. It is mild and cleanses hair gently with no chemical overload.
  3. Oiling
    Oiling has always been the tried and tested remedy for hair fall control. Overnight oiling is the best and fetches great results in hair fall. Use a herbal coconut hair oil like Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil with pure coconut oil that will make the hair stringer from the roots to tips. Oiling boosts blood circulation nourishes the scalp due to which you will notice lesser hair fall. You can even mix Olive oil with the coconut nut oil to enhance the efficiency and massage your scalp with this at night. Shampoo with a mild shampoo in the morning.
  4. Onions
    Onion juice can do wonders to stop your hair fall and make your hair regrow. It is a powerful remedy for hair fall and regrowth. Take an onion and extract the juice, apply it directly over the hair and scalp, massaging gently. Onion has sulfur that helps promote the growth of new hair. This remedy will definitely show you positive results.
  5. Good diet and vitamins
    Good diet can control half of the skin and hair related problems so make sure that you take a balanced diet that includes proteins, vitamins and essential minerals. Include food items like yoghurt, broccoli and carrots in your diet.

Try out these quick tips to control your hair fall and these will not only show relief in the hair fall but will improve overall quality of the hair.

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