There's nothing more
beautiful than natural beauty


Did you know, just like your skin requires the perfect pH balance, your scalp needs proper oil balance for healthy and gorgeous hair?

Most shampoos rob the scalp of the natural oil it produces, leaving both hair & scalp flaky and brittle. And when the scalp is left alone, it leads to natural oil imbalance causing hair damage such as dandruff, split ends, hair fall, etc. Thus, to avoid this it is important to opt for a balancing shampoo.

Try Vatika's new oil balance range.

A shampoo for every hair problem.

Different people have different hair types and hair problems. And every problem doesn’t have the same solution. Which is why Vatika, with wonder ingredients – henna, olive oil, tea tree extracts, lemon and hibiscus, presents a range of hair care-regime designed specifically for your problems.
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