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Dabur Vatika Olive oil
& its benefits

For all of you who have longed for a fantastic hair product that takes care of all your hair problems, your wait is finally over. We all know that hair woes like dull and dry hair, hair fall are extremely common and tough to get rid of. Even the most popular home remedies give only temporary relief, turning small hair problems into big menaces. Hence, the need of the hour was an offering that would not only fight these problems but make every hair wish come true.
Why olive makes Dabur Vatika Enriched Olive Hair Oil so special.
The effectiveness of Dabur Vatika Enriched Olive Hair Oil lies in its miraculous ingredients. We’ve put together the wholesome nourishment of olive oil with the goodness of almond protein and aloe vera, thoughtfully chosen after taking into consideration the problems that have long bothered millions of women. From big hair problems like hair fall, flaky scalp, brittle hair to minor hair woes such as dry hair, frizzy hair or split ends, vatika olive hair oil has the potential to answer them all.
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It’s not just
a hair oil, it’s a
Hair Nourisher
Vatika Enriched Olive hair oil & its natural ingredients
Each ingredient that goes into Dabur Vatika Enriched Olive Hair Oil contributes in making this a truly innovative product and gives women the gift of silky, bouncy hair along with hair fall control.
  • Olive
  • Aloe Vera
  • Almond Protein
  • Blessed with a world of goodness that nature has bestowed upon olives, the fruit as well as the leaves are an integral part of many beauty treatments. While the leaves are used for their healing effects, the fruit is sought-after for the oil it contains.
  • It is a trusted natural ingredient that nourishes the roots faster.
  • It coats the hair shaft and restores lustre to dull hair.
  • It is easily absorbed by the scalp, making it the perfect choice for hair massage.
  • In fact, when it comes to managing frizzy hair or retaining moisture in dry hair, olive oil is the oil you can truly trust.
  • Known for its healing properties, aloe vere is an important ingredient when it comes to the maintence of beautiful skin and hair. For ages it has found an important place in natural therapies owing to its medicinal properties, the same properties make it beneficial for the hair too.
  • It contains minerals,enzymes,amino acid & Principal constituents are Aloin,aloe-emodin,rasins, Tannins,polysaccharides & Aloectine B.It has emollient,moisturizing agents & antiseptic properties.
  • Aloe Vera helps retain moisture and is an effective conditioner.

  • * As per test carried out by an independent agency on consumer.
    # As per test carried out an independent agency on consumer under supervision of dermantologist.
  • Almond protein penetrates into the hair/scalp, thereby helps to strengthen the roots and reduce hair fall.
  • Almond protein has an excellent affinity for hair thus helps to fight brittleness.
And that’s why. Dabur Vatika Enriched Olive Hair Oil is not just a hair oil, it’s a hair nourisher. Try it.