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Top 5 Celebrity Inspired Long Hair Style

Top 5 Celebrity Inspired Long Hair Style
Celebrities are role model for common people when it comes to their style statements. From A to Z, everything is usually inspired and even tried out almost immediately by their fans and followers. Especially actresses set a variety of examples. Some hit and some miss. But every move is caught hold of.

Here, we have a list of simple yet elegant way of styling your long hair the celebrity way along with some tips on how to make hair healthy & Shiny in the end of the article.

Jacqueline Fernandez haistyles

Jacqueline Fernandez Hair Style

The length accompanied with the volume is very attractive. Jacqueline Fernandez has hair that is fit for her curvature body. Long, thick, dark, and shiny; all the characteristics of perfect hair. Anybody would want to have this type of long shiny hair.

Dia Mirza haistyles

Dia Mirza Hairstyle

Who would not like a straight, sleek and long hair? The shine adds to the beauty of the hair. This hairstyle suits all type of fashion and style.

Sonakshi Sinha haistyles

Sonakshi Sinha hair style with long hair

This style of Sonakshi Sinha is one of its kind. The silky tress steals every heart. And it is easy to flaunt and style. The texture and length of the hair is a dream to achieve for many of girls.

Malaika Arora Khan haistyles

Malaika Arora Khan Long hair style

The colored streaks in the hair is a style to carry for every fashionista. Malaika Arora is making full justice to this hair style. There is shine, there is volume, there is thickness, and there are hues of her choice of color. She has well cared hair and looks at the peak of its beauty.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan haistyles

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan long hair style

The shiny tresses have waves too which does not seem to move out of its place. The shine and the wavy nature is a very prominent style among ladies of all generation.

Some basic tips to follow to get long shiny hair:

Since hair volume and texture speaks about its glory, it is the priority to take utmost care of the long hair. If you are looking for growing long hair and maintaining it to be very healthy, then you have to follow few of the easy tips

1. Oiling:

Oiling is the major step in any type of hair care . Use Vatika Enriched Olive Hair Oil or Vatika Almond Hair Oil to massage the scalp and hair (from root to tip)

2. Shampooing:

Washing the hair is definitely needed for a bouncy looking hair. Use gentle shampoo so as to not wash off the natural moisture of the hair. If you shampoo daily then your hair is likely to get brittle and break easily. Shampoo at intervals. We suggest Vatika Black Almond & Olive Shampoo .

3. Conditioning:

Conditioning is a never miss step in hair care. Conditioner locks the hair moisture and increases the shiny look of the hair. Do not use chemically loaded conditioner. Use a mild natural conditioner that is suitable for your hair. You can also take 2-3 drops of Vatika Almond Hair oil, rub across your palm and lightly run your hand along the tresses and hair tip. This is also a best way of hair conditioning after shower.

4. Water:

Do not use extremely hot water for shower. Hot water leaves the scalp soft and makes the hair very dry washing away all the natural oils. Be gentle on wet hair as they might break easily.

5. Combing:

Combing long hair is an art. Removing tangles need lots of patience. Do not pull hardly at the point where the hair has tangled. Maintaining long hair needs great patience and time. But the effort is worth it. Apply some oil at the tangle and remove carefully with the comb.

6. Trimming:

Trimming at the ends is always recommended for better growth of the hair. Trimming is an easy method of removing split ends.

7. Heat Tools:

Long hair can be experimented with various hair styles. And there are several heat tools that are involved during styling. Restrict the heat styling tools as much as possible. Go for natural ways of hair styling .

8. Hair Style:

Do not prefer hairstyles that might lead to friction and hair breaking. Like, tight high pony or tight high bun which involves twisting and heavily pulling back of the hair.

9. Herbal Hair Caring:

Herbal and natural homemade recipes are always helpful. Hair tonics, hair toner, hair rinse and hair packs all made from fresh kitchen ingredients give the maximum benefit to the hair.

10. Food for Hair:

Food diet also counts a lot when it comes to the growth of hair. Food intake that is good for hair growth helps in getting a bouncy voluminous hair. Egg protein, curry leaves, avocado, yogurt, spinach, fenugreek all these constitute as hair food.

Find out more hairstyles for long hair & long hair tips to keep them healthy & shiny.
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