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Summer Hair Care Tips

Summer Hair Care Tips
Summer time means extra need of taking care of almost everything, from skin to hair! It is that time of the year when not only our skin but our hair too is most susceptible to damage. A little tender love and care can save us from the heart-breaking effect the sun can have on our hair! So if you are asking yourself how to take care of your hair this summer. Here we are with natural hair care tips for hair care in summer with which our hair can welcome summers just as happily.

Avoid sun to protect your hair

This is the most important thing to save your hair from the sun damaging effects. In summers one, must avoid going out in the sun in the peak hours from 11am to 4pm. Yeah, I know not really possible for everyone. So always leave home with a hat or scarf covering your hair. This goes for everyone but is of utmost important to those who colour their hair and the ones with dry hair. Too much heat from the sun makes the hair even more dry and frizzy plus it can lighten your hair colour!

Trim your hair to avoid fizziness in summers

Summer is the time you must trim your hair just every now and then. It is in summer that hair becomes frizzy and a trimming session can get rid of it along with the split ends!

Scalp care for summers

After being in sun all day long, the most irritating thing you are left with is an oily scalp. A gentle and moisturising shampoo is what your hair calls for, for the ever needed hair care it requires. Always be gentle with your hair while scrubbing. And make it a point to not wash your hair with very hot water. Instead use warm or cold water as that can lessen damage your hair. And also remember that it's a must to skip your hair wash every once in a while during summers!

Conditioner with sunscreen for summers

When in sun, your hair needs a sunscreen for its protection as well. UV lights causes just as much damage to your hair as it does to your skin. So when planning to be out in the sun for a long time, always apply some leave in conditioner that contains sunscreen to reduce the harsh effects of sun on those gorgeous locks.

Avoid oil massages in summers

People generally avoid oil massages in summers as it will just leave your scalp more oily than ever. Yes that's true but the problem arises when you leave it in there for long! Oil nourishes your hair which holds an equally important place during summers as well. You can use Dabur Amla Hair Oil to massage your hair at least once a week. It contains amla which is proven to work wonders for hair. You can leave it overnight or wash your hair after an hour of applying oil.

Swimming care for summers

Summer is the time when people love to go for a swim to escape from the scorching heat. It does feel wonderful in there but do you know how bad that chlorinated water is for your hair? Chlorine gets into your hair and damages them. The best way you can take care of your hair while not missing your swim is to take quick hair wash with tap hair before entering the pool. The already wet hair wouldn't absorb the chlorine water.


Yes, it is extremely important to take care of your hair by avoiding as much heat as you possibly can. Using dryers can take away the moisture and leave your hair dry and brittle. Same goes with other heat appliances.

Comfortable hair styling for summers

It is best to leave out those styling gels in summers. The best way to enjoy summers is to take back your hair and put it in a ponytail, braid or a bun. It not only makes it comfortable for you but also protects your hair from the heat of sun and avoids the frizz.

So these were the natural ways to take care of your hair this summer! Don't forget to incorporate these hair care tips in your everyday routine for keeping your hair just as beautiful even in summers! Also read about tips on how to make your skin fair in summers & how to prevent hair fall in summer.
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