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Natural Way to Get Thick and Shiny Hair

Natural Way to Get Thick and Shiny Hair

Hair fall, hair breakage, split ends, dryness, roughness, all these do not need invitation. They just happen on their own without any prior notice. But to bring back the hair its lost lustre, we have to put in so much of effort.

When the hair problems are tackled effectively and solved, we can further think of hair volume, hair bouncing, hair lustre and shine.

If you look at the vast options of natural home remedies for most of the hair problems, there are few of them which begin to fight against the hair problems and at the end leave a healthy shiny hair.

Yogurt is one of the best home remedies for hair that helps regain the lost lustre of the hair very rapidly. Along with yogurt, almond oil and amla oil are always needed.

No hair care tip is complete without oiling.

Almond oil for hair: Almond oil is a natural strength booster and the best oil for massaging. The hair roots when soaked in almond oil gets all the essential hair nutrients. So, Vatika Almond Hair Oil helps to strengthen the hair and it also adds to the hair volume.

Amla oil for hair: Amla (goose berries) are the well-known remedy for all the hair problems. The scalp problems are all solved by amla hair oil. When the scalp is healthy and freely breathing it gives way to thick, shiny and naturally beautiful hair. The scalp dryness and irritations are easily healed by Dabur Amla Oil.

Yogurt for hair:Yogurt is rich in protein. The high protein contents help to mask the damage and split ends. Thus, applying yogurt on the hair has great benefits. The texture and shine of the hair improves exponentially when yogurt mask is applied on the hair. It acts as a deep conditioner making the hair soft and shiny. Yogurt is acidic and when it is allowed to sit as a mask, it instantly turns the hair shiny. The extreme moisturizing capacity of yogurt makes all the effects last longer on hair.

How to take care of hair with almond oil, amla oil and yogurt:

Simple and easy ways to make the hair look shinier and healthy:

Step 1: Apply Dabur Amla Hair oil to the scalp and the hair roots and massage well.

Step 2: Now, take half a bowl of yogurt. To this add 2-3 spoon of Vatika Almond Oil and mix well.

Step 3: Apply yogurt and almond oil hair mask to the hair. Make sure the mask covers all of the hair strands. Apply by making small partitions of hair.

The yogurt has to be really thick. Strain water from yogurt if any before making the hair mask.

Step 4: Allow it to settle for half an hour.

Step 5: Remember to wash. Yogurt cannot be left as is for long. It will turn rancid and your hair might smell bad odour. Shower with the mild hair strengthening shampoo. Vatika Black Almond & Olive Shampoo can be used. A shampoo with almond and olive as key ingredients help in making the hair enjoy all the freshness.

Have you tried bringing back your hair volume and shine using any of these three ingredients?

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