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5 Recipes using Dabur Gulabari rose water

5 Recipes using Dabur Gulabari rose water
Chemical laden products not only harm the skin but can also have long term health issues. Right? So, don’t you want to include natural and herbal products in your skin care regimen? Since ages, Rose water has been used in enhancing the natural beauty and this clearly tells why it should be a must have product. It can be used in so many different ways along with several other products. One such inexpensive yet very effective product is Dabur Gulabari Rose water that is extracted from the freshest rose petals and is power packed with the soothing and skin brightening properties of roses.

Now, who doesn’t want a rosy glowing skin? Here we will be giving some skin care tips along with some effective yet easy to make recipes using Dabur Gulabari that your skin will absolutely love. Here we go:

1. Get a glowing skin with sandalwood powder and some Gulabari Rose water. Mix them to make a paste. Apply the paste on your clean face, keep it for 15 minutes, rinse off. It does miracles in clearing out skin and enhances the complexion.

2. Worried about sun tan. Try this! Take some gram flour and add a pinch of turmeric and some Dabur Gulabari. Apply this paste twice a week and see the tan fading away! Don’t forget to wear sunscreen though!

3. If excessive oily skin is your major concern then mixing Fuller’s earth with Dabur Gulabari Rose Water is an excellent remedy and pack to get rid of that extra oil from your skin. Make a paste with the two and apply.

4. Exfoliation helps reveal a new clearer skin by sloughing off the dead skin cells so, Why not try Dabur Gulabari Rose water with some sugar and honey to make a slightly runny paste and using the same to gently scrub away those dead cells. Rose water and honey make sure that your skin is supple once you wash it off.

5. Lastly, a very simple recipe. Mix Dabur Gulabari Rose water with some lime juice and using a cotton pad dab it on your face. Instantly your skin looks refreshed and blemishes will be reduced due to the presence of Lime juice. Your home made toner is ready!

These were just the 5 recipes that we have shared and there can be a lot of such recipes where Dabur Gulabari Rose water serves as a key ingredient. So, what are you waiting for, pick the recipe that you like as per your skin type and invigorate your skin with the essence of roses.
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