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Summer hair care tips

Summer hair care tips
There is never a season where our hair does not need caring.

Hair care is the topmost priority these days for woman of every age. Winter turns the hair dull and lifeless, where as summer turns our hair limp and sticky. There is always a need for all the extra caring and nourishing to bring back to normalcy.

Though there is a major difference in the type of hair care routine that we have to follow in different seasons for different types of hair, there is one common thing that is followed throughout the year for all hair types, OILING.

Oil provides the nourishment for hair and helps in maintaining the well being of the scalp. Dabur Amla Hair Oil is the suggested one.

Considering this season of summer, hair care takes precedence in our routine. Keeping the scalp free of sweat and dirt has to be considered to have a healthy hair. The summer heat makes the scalp sweat and due to the density and volume of the hair strands, the sweat gets trapped in causing odour and build up of oily layers. This eventually turns the hair sticky and limp. Scalp irritations and infections are also very common during the season.

Here are few tips on how to take care of hair and scalp that you can easily follow. The natural hair care tips usually are very effective in dealing with most of the hair problems.

Heavy Oiling: Oil the scalp and massage for a while. Even the season of summer needs hair oiling. You may use Dabur Amla Hair Oil for oiling and massaging the head. Oil helps in lifting up the sweat and dirt that is trapped. Thus, it is a way of cleansing the dirt from the scalp. Wash your hair with your regular shampoo after an hour of oiling.

Herbal Decoctions: Herbal remedies are the preferred way of natural hair care. There can be no fear of adverse effects to the hair scalp. Medicinal herbs help in fighting all summer irritations and infections on the scalp.

Add fresh herbs of thyme, basil and mint to boiling water. Boil until the water reduces to half the quantity. Strain out all the leaves and when cooled use this to rinse your hair. This will keep away all the scalp infections that can occur due to the sweat.

Hair and Scalp Massaging: Tiredness happens to scalp and head too. Make your own home made scalp massager and loosen all the unwanted dirt before you step into the shower. A quick and easy homemade massager made of avocado will give great relief during summer.

Smash avocado and make a pulpy paste. To this add about 10 ml of Dabur Amla Hair Oil. Mix well and use to massage the scalp.

Disinfectant Hair Pack: Applying hair pack gives strength to the hair strands and adds to the volume too. When the scalp is healthy and fully breathing, there is way to shiny bouncy hair. To fight all the scalp problems that might have cause due to the summer heat, mint leaves hair pack is more appropriate.

Take half banana and a bowl of mint leaves; grind to make a hair pack. To this pack add little hair oil and mix well. Apply the banana and mint leaves paste on your hair. Leave for half an hour and wash away with mild shampoo.

Frequent Shower: Keeping clean is the key rule that has to be followed during summer. It tops the list of natural hair care tips. Shower is the remedy for sweat-free, odour-free hair. Wash your hair very frequently with mild hair products. But, oiling has to be done prior to hair wash. Oiling followed by shower gives better results.

Take good care of your hair and skin. This will definitely make the summer easy for you.
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