Get the power of oxygen
Did you know oxygen has a powerful connection with your skin? With age, your skin loses its ability to retain and utilise oxygen for normal metabolic processes. Oxygen basically nurtures and energizes your skin, making it look hydrated, plumper and younger!

When does your skin need oxygen?

If your skin lacks glow
If you're often exposed to harsh sunlight
If you are exposed to dirt and pollution
If your skin looks dull and dark
If you lead a stressful life

If your answer is affirmative to any/all of the above, your skin needs a dose of oxygen via OxyLife. Powered with the patented OxySphere Technology developed in Germany, OxyLife gives a radiance that a regular facial can never give.

How does OxySphere Technology work?
Enables pure oxygen molecules to be trapped in the product
Oxygen is released from the product at the time of application
Oxygen molecules go inside the skin to give a high boost of pure oxygen
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