Losing your hair? Read about 8 causes responsible for your hair fall.
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Losing your hair? Read about 8 causes responsible for your hair fall.

The normal rate of losing hair on daily basis varies from around 50-100 hair on daily basis. This rate of hair fall is not a worry as this gives place to new hair growth and hair follicles repair. But when this natural hair fall cycle disturbs and the amount of hair fall increases drastically, then it becomes a cause of worry.
Protein Deficiency  
  1. Protein is important

Lack of protein in routine diet could cause deficiency of certain essential protein and vitamins such as vitamin B and C, which are very essential for healthy growth of hair. Due to lack of protein, roots lose the strength to hold hair and hair follicles too becomes weak and starts shedding out very quickly.
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Avoid Stress to Avoid Hair Fall  
  1. Stressed? Take it easy

Mental or physical stress could trigger hair loss problem suddenly. Stress can trigger the shedding out phase of hair called telogen prematurely and could even more hair into shedding phase. Mental or emotional stress such as any shock or incident, work pressure or any family issue could increase the rate of hair fall eventually.

Unhealthy Scalp  
  1. Condition of the scalp

Health of scalp plays a vital role in the problem of hair loss. If scalp is sensitive and prone to several infections, then chances of hair loss becomes higher. Unhealthy or unhygienic scalp condition also leads to bacterial and fungal infection and problems such as dandruff, which contribute to hair loss.

Hair Styling Products  
  1. All that styling

Excessive hair styling leads to thinning of hair and makes them weaker gradually. Exposure of hair to excessive heat causes hair breakage and consequent hair fall. Hair colouring is one styling method which involves lots of harsh chemical and damage hair permanently

Tying Hair Tight  
  1. Keeping it tight

All of us love to keep our hair perfectly in place. Thus, we often tie them too tightly, which in-turn can result into hair-loss and hurt our scalp.

Brushing Wet Hair  
  1. Brushing wet hair

Rigorous towel drying or combing can ruffle the cuticles and brushing it can cause breakage and eventual hair fall.

Hormonal Imbalance  
  1. Blame the hormones

Hormonal changes due to pregnancy or menstrual period often leads to hormonal changes and this triggers the problem of hair loss. Often, thyroid gland affects the hormone levels and causes the problem of hair loss. Childbirth and birth control pills also lead to hormonal imbalance and increases hair fall rate suddenly.

Iron Deficiency  
  1. Take your iron seriously

Lack of iron due to lack of iron-rich food in diet could lead to deficiency of iron in body. Iron deficiency in blood is called anaemia in medical terms, which is considered a major reason, triggering hair loss problem.

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