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5 DIY Fruit Packs for Problem Free Skin

5 DIY Fruit Packs for Problem Free Skin
We’ve all been forced to eat fruits while growing up. If only we hadn’t created tantrums while our mothers pestered us to eat it all up, we would all be blessed with beautiful flawless skin as adults. But worry not; it’s never too late to get glowing skin. Here are some skin care tips and ideas for facials at home using fresh seasonal fruits, read on and glow on.
  1. Papaya Facial at Home – Skin Care Tip for Glowing Skin
    Papaya is great source of Vitamin A and Papain - a type of protein doesn’t just help break down the inactive proteins but also removes dead skin cells. So naturally, papaya is a perfect choice for a natural face pack that rejuvenates your skin and removes tan. What you need to do is take a ripe (very ripe) papaya, scoop out the pulp and mix it with a spoon of Dabur Gulabari rose water. Massage the mixture on to damp skin in circular motion and wash it away after 10-15 minutes.
  2. Strawberry Facial at Home – Skin Care Tip for Dull Skin
    Strawberries aren’t just good to taste, they work wonders for your skin as well. The vitamin C in strawberries fights free radicals that damage cells and break down collagen. To make this face mask, you need a handful of plump strawberries, smash it up using some Dabur Gulabari rose water and apply it once a week for smooth hydrated skin.
  3. Kiwi Facial at Home – Skin Care Tip for Tan
    The kiwi fruit is loaded with vitamin C and is guaranteed to brighten and lighten your skin. Try a face mask made of pureed kiwi with some yogurt. Massage it and wash it off after 20 minutes using Dabur Gulabari rose water. You’ll be left with vibrant, younger-looking skin.
  4. Orange Peel Facial at Home – Skin Care Tip for Fairness
    Here’s a skin secret you probably didn’t know – apparently orange peels contain double the amount of vitamin C than the orange pulp! Not just that, Vitamin C also adds a glowing shine to your skin, so go on, blend orange peel with some yogurt and Dabur Gulabari rose water, make it into a pulp, massage it on your face and wash it when dry.
  5. Banana Facial at Home – Skin Care tip for Cleansing
    Bananas are rich in vitamins that have anti-wrinkle and anti-aging properties, and acts as a great skin tightening face pack. What you need to do is mash half a ripe banana with some honey/lemon (depending on your skin type) and Dabur Gulabari rose water, apply it on your face and wash it after 15 minutes. You’ll be left with baby soft skin!
  6. Always remember to wash your face with a mild cleanser before applying the fruit pack. Before washing it off, make sure you massage it and scrub well, so the blood circulation is increased and the goodness of the face pack is fully absorbed by your skin. After washing off the pack, follow it up with a light moisturizer and apply the pack regularly to see a noticeable difference in your skin texture.

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