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Apricots!! Make your skin glow with them

Apricots Make Your Skin Glow With Them

Love eating apricots? If yes, then chances are you are already aware of its multiple benefits for a glowing and radiant skin. But if not, then read ahead.

The velvety, smooth and golden yellow ball like fruit of apricot is nothing less than a tiny, little dynamite of health. Loaded with all the essential nutrients and vitamins, an apricot a day is all you need to make your skin glow with health and radiance. No expensive saloon like treatments, no chemically treated skin care products can give you the results you want that this one fruit can. So drop those face masks and creams and get going with these amazing apricot natural and homemade remedies for a glowing, soft and beautiful looking skin.

Apricot Benefits for Skin

As a rich source of vitamin A, B & C, magnesium, calcium, sulphur and iron; apricots help in instant skin rejuvenation. The natural oils present in the fruit are easily absorbed by the skin and aids in keeping it moisturized from deep within.
The pulp of apricot not only adds natural shine and glow to the skin but also aids in treating a number of skin diseases like eczema, itching and dryness among others.
Apricots are also a rich source of antioxidants which protects the skin from the effects of free radicals and reduces signs of premature ageing and wrinkles.
Apricot benefits for skin include:
  • Improving skin tone
  • Elimination of blackheads
  • Prevention from skin diseases & disorders
  • Reduction of scars & blemishes
  • Maintenance of skin’s elasticity
  • Heals damaged skin
  • Unclog skin’s pores
  • Exfoliates dead cells from the surface of the skin
  • Adds natural glow

How to use apricot for skin?

The pulp and juice of apricot can easily be used to make natural scrubs and face masks. Natural apricot face scrubs and apricot face masks are not only an inexpensive alternative to the ones available in the market but because they will be prepared in combination with other natural ingredients right from your kitchen, the risk of any damage to the skin automatically go down.
To help you prepare homemade apricot face scrub, face mask & pack; we have got your covered here some amazing ways in which you can easily do it all by yourself and that too without much hassles. What are you waiting for?
  1. Apricot scrub for face :

    Want a fresh and healthy looking skin? Get on with preparing this awesome apricot scrub. The apricot scrub benefits include exfoliation of dead cells and blackheads from the surface of the skin, unclogging of pores & revelation of fresh, healthy & radiant looking skin.
    • Take an apricot and de-seed
    • Puree it in a blender
    • Add 1 teaspoon of apricot kernel powder to the puree
    • Apply on your neck and face in circular motion & massage for about 5 mins
    • Leave it to dry for 10 mins
    • Rinse it with water
    • For better results, apply at least twice a week
    Apricot Face Scrub
  2. Apricot scrub for body :

    Apricot for skin is a wonderful idea and this next homemade apricot remedy will help in exfoliation, moisturizing and conditioning of your body from deep within. Wondering how to use apricot scrub for body?
    • To 2 tbsp of apricot kernel powder add 2 tbsp of Dabur Almond Hair Oil
    • Massage the mix all over your body for 15 mins
    • Wash it off with lukewarm water
    • Follow up with a moisturizer
    • For better results, apply at least twice a week
    Apricot Body Scrub Using Almond Oil
  3. Apricot face mask:

    If blackheads are giving you sleepless nights, then trying this apricot face mask will put an end to your problem forever. What more, it will also add natural radiance to your face.
    • Blend 2 ripe apricots in a blender
    • Add 2 tspn each of honey & ground almond powder
    • Mix well & apply on the face
    • Gently massage the mix on the blackhead affected area for 5-10 mins
    • Leave it to dry for 20 mins
    • Wash it off with tap water
    • Follow up with a deep conditioning moisturiser like Dabur Gulabari Moisturising Lotion
    • For better results, apply once a week
    Apricot Face Masks
  4. Apricot face pack :

    Want to get rid of your dull and dry skin? Go for this hydrating and deep conditioning apricot face pack then. The presence of honey and orange juice in addition to apricots will not only aid in giving you an even and clear skin tone but also fantastically hydrate it to look silky soft and supple.
    To make this apricot face pack:
    • Blend 1 ripe apricot in a mixer
    • Add 3 tbsp of honey & 1 tbsp of fresh orange juice
    • Mix well & apply all over your face & neck
    • Let it dry for 30 mins
    • Use a wet cotton ball to gently remove it from the face
    • Wash the residual with tepid water
    • For better results, repeat the process at least once a week
    Apricot Face Packs
Need more information on apricot benefits and why apricot for skin is the best thing to opt for? Keep following our blog.

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