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7 Foods to Eat for Healthy and Glowing Skin

7 glowing skin foods

Foods to Avoid for Glowing Skin

What we eat and drink in our daily routine matters a lot. Eating the right food at right time is very important for health. A small unhygienic food item can trouble any individual to an unexpected level. So girls, it is important to keep a watch on things that you are eating without giving a second thought. Obviously, our body will show or reflect what we eat in daily lifestyle. If someone is eating lots of junk food then extra fat could be easily spotted in their whole physique. In the same way, our skin also demands the right kind of food to stay healthy. Food for healthy skin includes food items that are rich in vitamins, proteins and nutrients. Mostly, the raw fruits are considered the best source of required vitamins and proteins for healthy skin.

Some people think that eating the right food will give them glowing skin, whether they eat lots of other unhygienic things in their routine lifestyle. Well, if someone thinks that this idea will work then really sorry, this is their biggest misconception. Avoiding the wrong food is as much important as eating the right food. If you’ll keep on eating wrong things with some right things then the goodness of right food will be snatched away by the bad food. So, put a full stop to the habit of eating wrong food today, otherwise be ready to welcome the dryness and dullness over your skin with bad food. As many elder people say, there are many bad things in world and good are very few, let’s tell you some bad food that could be harmful to your skin as well as health. The list of unhealthy food items for skin is as follows:

  1. Packaged or processed food:

    It is clearly proven that there is hardly any nutritious value in packaged and processed food and living enzymes get lost during the processes. Also, the packaged food are said to have low water content in the same food as compared to its raw state. For example, fruits and vegetables in their raw state have more water content than in packaged state. Hydration is very much necessary for the body and healthy skin and if we eat less water content food or less hydrated food then it’s obvious to lose the luster and glow from the skin.
  2. Hydrogenated fats and Fried food:

    Fried foods and hydrogenated fats prepared in hot oil become oxidize in hot oil and when we consume that food product, it doesn’t detox in our body. As everyone knows that to keep our skin healthy, the body should have healthy metabolism and blood circulation to keep the skin glowing.
  3. Artificial flavors and sweetener food:

    There are many food products in market that consists of artificial flavors and sweetener in them. Artificial flavors, colorings and sweetener are basically a set of chemistry, which should not go into our body. They histamine reaction in our body and stores chemicals in our body tissue. So, avoid food items and products that contain additive like artificial flavors, sugar and colors.
  4. Excess of sugar:

    Excess of sugary treats such as candies, chocolates and other sugar products are not good for our health and weaken the immunity system. And when our immunity system gets weak, it loses the capacity to fight bacteria, which is a major cause of acne and other skin problems. Hence, try and avoid excess of sugar to keep the immune system strong and healthy to fight various skin and health issues.
  5. Caffeine:

    Some people are mad about coffee, cold drinks and many other caffeinated drinks. But the sad part is they don’t know how bad secrets these caffeinated drinks have. The caffeinated beverages increase the cortisol level in the body, which is also known as stress hormone. Increase of cortisol level in the body leads to speeding up of aging process, thinning of skin and many other skin problems. Hence, consume the caffeinated drinks moderately or as less as possible.

Glowing Skin Foods

Now that it is clear that some food is really harmful for skin as well as health, it’s high time to change the eating habits for glowing healthy skin. The first important action one has to take to get good health and skin is to adopt a healthy diet for healthy skin. Changing the whole diet schedule will surely help in giving lively and healthy skin. In our daily diet we eat many things that we like and love to eat. But have you ever thought that whether the thing you are eating daily is doing any good to your body or not? Well, the answer of great majority is no because of lack of knowledge about the food for glowing skin and good health. If one would have proper knowledge about various fruits, veggies and other food items than why would they constrain themselves from such things. Hence, it is very clear that for glowing radiant skin, it is necessary to follow a diet for glowing skin.

Some of the major food for glowing skin and their health benefit goes as follow:

  1. Apple:

    Everyone knows that apple is good for health but very few know the skin benefits associated with it. Apple has Vitamin C that helps in providing inner radiance and keeps the skin lustrous and firm. Also, the premature skin aging is prevented with the help of apple as it stops free-radical damage. One can consume an apple a day or apply its juice over face for 15 minutes to keep the skin glowing.
  2. Carrot:

    Carrot is a rich source of protein and Vitamins such Vitamin A. Our body coverts the beta carotene of carrots in Vitamin A and makes the skin glowing. Also, carrot keeps the skin wrinkle free and even toned in long run. The water content in carrot is also good enough to the body and skin hydrated and supple. Adding carrot in routine diet is very easy as you could add it in the salad, make various dishes from it or simply drink carrot juice to stay fit and beautiful.
  3. Brown rice:

    Well it might sound bit weird but yes the brown rice is a good food for glowing skin. In many of the commercial beauty products, one could find ceramides, a content derived from the brown rice. Brown rice helps in keeping the moisturized. Thus, eating brown rice naturally will add ceramides that will add up in the outer layer of the skin and makes it hydrated. As an end result, the skin looks glowing with the help of hydrating effect of brown rice.
  4. Seafood or fish:

    The vegetarian doesn’t have all the skin benefits. The seafood lovers also have the right to enjoy health and skin benefits. Many of the seafood especially fish is a rich source of Omega-3s, which is slows down the wrinkle or aging process and fights acne problem strongly. The fish oil supplements also works great for people suffering from acne problems, only if they don’t wish to eat oily fish every week. So, don’t forget to add some fish to your diet to give omega-3s boost to the skin.
  5. Strawberries:

    The sweet red berries can make your skin look glowing pink and red. The antioxidants present in the strawberries and other dark berries fights blemishes and keeps the skin flawless for ages. Also, strawberry is a natural whitening agent due to the malic acid present in it. So, add some berries to your diet and make your skin look radiant and even toned.
  6. Spinach:

    The green spinach is popular for keeping the eyes healthy. Spinach is a popular veggie used in various dishes and even in salads. The first and foremost thing important to keep the skin glowing is a clear skin. And spinach has the capacity to clear out all the toxins from the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties. Also, the antioxidants in spinach help in reducing wrinkles processing over the skin.
  7. Tomatoes:

    The tangy red tomatoes are used in variety of dishes as well as puree in some Italian dishes too. Tomato has a special compound called lycopene, which makes it look red plays major role in reducing the hormone that promotes acne over skin. To get glowing skin, it is necessary to add tomato in routine diet for at least three to five times in a week. The lycopene agent in the tomato has various skin benefits such as defending the skin from UV rays, stubborn spots, stopping acne stimulating hormones and off course clearing the skin. Beyond this, the carotenoids in the orange to reddish color vegetables and fruits help in improving the balance of antioxidants in the body. Antioxidants are good for skin’s health and there should be a proper balance of it in body to keep it skin healthy and glowing.




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Eating any kind of fruit, vegetable or any natural product won’t harm any individual in any way until unless someone has some particular kind of allergy with any natural food product. But for sure eating beauty capsules or taking medication to make the skin look good and glowing will harm the body in various ways. So, don’t do such injustice and harshness with your own body for the sake of getting beautiful skin in short time period. Let the nature and the body do their own job and you do yours by feeding the body with healthy food.


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