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Sonakshis Beauty Secrets

Sonakshis Beauty Secrets
Apart from being a blockbuster heroine, Sonakshi Sinha is a regular girl just like you. She has skin emergencies just like you. She has bad hair days just like you. Add to that the stress of looking perfect under the spotlight. How does she handle it? What does she do? What are her survival tips? Let’s find out.
  • Sonakshi’s first skin care tip to look naturally beautiful is to drink loads and loads of water. If you’re someone who is always on the move, it’s important to keep your skin hydrated. What’s more, water also helps you cut down your excess weight. Sounds like a win-win solution, what’s not to like?
  • The starlet’s mantra for glowing skin is to never tamper too much with it. The more minimalistic, the better. Sonakshi also believes in using products that are as natural (not laden with unnecessary chemicals) as possible. For blemishes, she applies fresh aloe vera to reduce redness and control inflammation. This is a highly recommended skin care tip.
  • Here’s a home remedy Sonakshi swears by to get glowing skin – multani mitti with like Dabur Gulabari rose water. It’s the perfect daily clean-up solution for a long day out.
  • Sonakshi’s must-do for glowing skin is to follow the cleanse-tone-moisturise routine, religiously. Never skips the sunblock. And remove all traces of makeup before going to bed. No matter how tired or late you are. This is a must for glowing skin.
  • For a clean and well-groomed look like Sonakshi’s, it’s important to bleach your face using a no-ammonia formulation, like the new Fem Fairness Naturals range of bleaches.
  • What does Sonakshi do for her thick and lovely tresses, we wondered. Apparently she avoids blow-drying whenever she can. She pulls back her hair into a high ponytail if she is having a bad hair day. She gives her long hair a twist by teasing the front and sporting a high bump with the ponytail.
  • If you’ve noticed, Sonakshi typically keeps her hair off her face. That’s the other smart hair care tip we could use from her. Problems like oily scalps or dandruff only aggravate skin issues when you have bangs.
  • Her regular hair care regime is pretty simple and non-fussy too. She uses a good shampoo and conditioner.
  • Once in a week, Sonakshi pampers herself with hot oil massages using a mixture of olive oil and coconut oil. Indulging in a deep conditioning session allows your hair to regain all the moisture lost during the week and also gives you more hair fall control.
  • Ms. Sinha is a huge fan of following a balanced lifestyle, diet and exercise routine, as she feels it all adds up and contributes towards radiating a healthy glow.
  • Oh, and here’s Sonakshi’s biggest beauty secret – she rubs ice on her skin as it helps close the pores on the face and gives a natural healthy glow, almost like a natural blush. Sounds like it’s worth a try, don’t you think?

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