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Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer Skin Care Tips
Come summer, you’ll run for cover to save your skin from the trauma of the scorching sun, because most summer skin problems arise because of over-exposure to the sun. Its ultraviolet and infrared rays conspire against a radiant you every summer. While all of us are wondering about how to get fair skin, the truth is that most of us will end up falling prey to dirt-filled pores, ugly tan, annoying eruptions, pool time chlorine infection etc. The only way it can be otherwise is if we try to keep our skin summer safe with the help of the following remedies.

Remedy 1: Make sunscreen your best friend
If you want to know how to get fair skin, never ever step out without sunscreen protection. Rather than experimenting with all the confusing variants available on the shelves of the supermarket, ask your dermatologists for one that would suit your skin the best. There are also other tan-control lotions, with SPF, available in the market these days. You can also try one of those, as per your doctor’s recommendation.

Remedy 2: Lemon will never disappoint you
If you are very distressed because of a bad tan, and want to know how to get fair skin, this lemon remedy is sure to make you feel better. Cut a lemon into two halves and run one half over your body. Do this for about 5-10 minutes and then let it dry for another 15. Post this, take a warm shower to rinse off the lemon from your body. Repeat this treatment daily for a month and the result you will see will pleasantly surprise you!

Remedy 3: Exfoliate
Believe it or not but scrubbing does really help in lightening a bad tan. Repair your tanned skin by using a scrub at atleast thrice a week and watch your skin return to its natural shade.

Remedy 4: Facials
Weekly facials with homemade packs can help a great deal in both relaxing you as well as lightening your skin tone. To make an effective facepack that can reduce tan, mix grated tomatoes and cucumbers with milk and leave it on the face for 20 minutes, before rinsing it off with water.

Remedy 5: Let food come to your rescue
If you are a weakling, the summer sun will only bully you more. Stock up on fruits, fresh vegetables, natural coolers and juices, and munch on them from time to time to stay hydrated and healthy. Plenty of water is the secret to a fresh, blemish-free and smooth skin.

OFF THE SHELF Oxy Life Crème Bleach, a product recommended for desired fairness and dead skin removal, is one of the choicest off-the-shelf solutions for summer skin woes. like Dabur Gulabari’s rose water is a natural cooling product that rejuvenates worn out, tired and dead skin. In summers it can be used anytime, anywhere to give your skin a blast of freshness. Also read more on beauty tips for skin and how to get fair & glowing skin in summers.


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