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8 Skin-Care Resolutions to Make This Year

8 Skin-Care Resolutions to Make This Year
WithDo you occasionally sleep wearing your makeup to bed, skimp on moisturiser and sunscreen, or not keep yourself hydrated enough? Well, it’s time you made some changes in your skincare routine. Keeping your skin healthy is important not only because it makes you look younger and better, but also because it impacts your overall well-being. So, taking care of your skin is like taking care of yourself. Here are a few skin care tips to keep your skin looking soft, supple and glowing all year long.
  1. Know Your Skin
    The better you know your skin the healthier you’ll be able to keep it. Not to forget, make the most of your skin care products and understand skin care tips on how to use them properly.
  2. Skin Care Routine
    As soon as you follow a routine, you’ll be able to witness and feel the change in your skin and body within a few days. Those who invest time and effort in caring for their skin, have naturally supple and glowing skin.
  3. Bust Your Stress
    It’s about time you did things that make you feel happy and relaxed. Try your best to steer clear from situations that make you go through stress to keep your skin from getting dull and weary.
  4. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.
    Give your body at least 8 hours of sound sleep. You might not know this, but while you’re asleep your body works to rid itself of toxins harmful for your skin. Adequate sleep can do wonders like drive away unattractive dark circles and reduce stress while revitalising your skin.
  5. Drink Up!
    Drink plenty of water to keep your body and skin hydrated. Besides making your skin smooth and soft as ever, water helps flush toxins out of your system and aids all vital organs to function properly. So, go ahead and make use of an essential natural ingredient behind that flawless beautiful skin. Water! Read on the importance of drinking water
  6. Remove Your Make Up At Night
    Make-up does make you feel good when you’re wearing it, but there’s always a flipside to everything. Wearing it throughout the night can damage your skin without you realising it. Follow our skin care tip and always make sure that you remove it every night. If you don’t, it can mix with dirt and other oils to clog your pores which can cause unsightly break outs.
  7. Exfoliate
    As age catches up, it takes the skin longer to replenish itself. The skin dries out and starts to loose lustre making the complexion look dull. Exfoliating the skin once or twice a week can boost the renewal process giving the skin its natural sheen and lustre.
  8. Moisturize
    You might be in love with taking hot showers and long baths but do you know that they can strip your skin of precious oils? Make sure your replenish your skin’s moisture with Dabur Gulabari Moisturising Lotion right after showering or bathing while skin is still damp for best results.
Don’t forget to keep this skin resolutions if you want to look your prettiest this year!

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