How to Get Instant Glow on Face

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how to get glowing face instantly
All attires, dressing up and trendy accessories will be useless, if one doesn’t have good skin to carry off all these special things. Glowing skin and natural beauty is the biggest asset of every individual. Maintaining healthy and glowing skin needs care and attention. There are some people who don’t get time to pay attention to their skin. It is important that one should start giving attention and care of few minutes to skin from their daily routine. Today, everyone wants to know how to get instant glow and need quick results. Little attention, time and care would make the skin glowing, lively and lustrous. Natural care and ingredients is the best and amazing solution for all the skin problems. One can use various natural ingredients like fruits, vegetables and grocery items to enhance their skin’s health and condition.

As many studies have revealed, many skin products like lotions, creams and other artificial chemical formulated products are harmful for the skin, it is best to opt natural ingredients. It is simply waste of time, efforts and the hard earned money on the harsh and harmful chemical products and solutions available in market. So, in spite of wagering money on various beauty products, spend little of amount of money to buy the below mentioned natural ingredients which will help in giving glow on face:

Curd Instant Glow Face Pack

Curd is widely and commonly used in the kitchen in various dishes. Everyone is well introduced to curd and its health benefits. But few people don’t know that curd is very beneficial for skin too. Curd contains essential Vitamin B, Calcium, and Zinc which are important elements of skin care. There many remedies and skin care packs formed with the help of curd. One of the simplest curd face packs is of curd and honey. To prepare the curd and honey face pack, take curd in a bowl and mix one tablespoon of honey in curd. Mix both the ingredients properly and apply the pack over neck and face. Keep the pack over skin for about 20 minutes and wash it off with normal water. Application of curd pack for two or more weeks will give natural glow to skin.

Aloe Vera Instant Glow Face Pack

Aloe Vera has great healing capacity and it effectively works on the epithelial layer of the skin. Aloe Vera works as a great moisturizer and skin treatment element. It helps in treating acne, sunburns and decreases the stretch marks visibility over skin. The Aloe Vera face packs could give great relief to those who are often troubled with skin issues. Making the Aloe Vera face pack is a piece of cake. Cut down a small piece of Aloe Vera and squeeze out all the gel from it. Apply the Aloe Vera gel on each and every portion of face and neck and then leave it for few minutes. Now, wipe off the gel with clean water. And yes, don’t forget to clean or wash the face before applying the gel. Continue applying the gel alternate days in a week and get glowing skin results in few weeks.

Raw Milk Instant Glow Face Pack

Everyone knows that milk is a rich source of calcium which is good for skin care too. Beyond giving healthier bones and fit body, raw milk can do wonder to the skin too. Milk helps in maintaining the skin soft and glowing. Addition of milk in the skin care regime will definitely keep the skin glowing and soft forever. There is no tough effort in milk application. Just take the raw milk in a bowl and apply it over the skin with cotton balls. And like other face packs, keep the applied milk over face for few minutes and wash it off with water. And there you go, ready with soft and glowing skin everyday every time.

Lemon Instant Glow Face Pack

Lemon is a wonderful fruit and so are its benefits. The anti-tanning properties of lemon help individuals in removing dark spots and blemishes over the skin. Take a piece of lemon and squeeze out its juice. Now, apply the lemon juice over the dark spots or all over the skin to get glowing and fair skin. Make sure that during the application of lemon, the skin is not exposed to sunlight anyhow. Applying lemon on regular basis would not harm the skin in anyway and will keep it glowing and healthy forever.

Honey Instant Glow Face Pack

The benefits of honey are as sweet as its taste. Honey has great health benefits for whole body as well as skin. Honey is used as an integral ingredient in many natural beauty packs and even in commercial beauty products. There are number of good combinations or face packs that are formed with the help of honey. One amazing honey face pack is a great combination of tea and honey. Take one cup of tea liquor, one cup of rice flour and one tablespoon honey. Mix all three ingredients in bowl and apply it over face. Keep the pack over face for half an hour and then remove it with normal water. Repeat the practice at least two or three times in a week and get glowing skin in few weeks.

Oats Instant Glow Face Pack

Oats are infamous and hidden heroes of skin care remedies. As they are not so popular in the talks of skin care, its existence and skin care benefits are barely known to a small majority of people. As we are talking about how to get instant glow on face, oats is the correct ingredient for it. To make an amazing oats skin glowing face pack, you’ll need pure rose water such as Dabur Gulabri rosewater, sandalwood powder, curd and obviously oats. The making of oats face pack will ask for some efforts but they are truly worth it. To prepare the pack, soak five tablespoon oats in warm water for 20 minutes. Now, mash the oats in that warm water until it turns into a paste. After this, add 5-7 drops of rose water, small amount of sandalwood powder and 3/4th tablespoon curd. Now, beat the mixture well until you find oats’ tiny granules. Apply the pack over neck and face; keep it for approx. 20 minutes and wipe it off with tap water. While removing the pack, scrub the skin gently with upward strokes for few minutes and then wash it completely. In few weeks, one will find significant positive changes in their skin and will surely get glowing skin.

Banana Instant Glow Face Pack

Potato, the very common vegetable which is easily available in kitchen almost every time is a natural bleaching agent. Girls use various commercial bleach products in the rush of getting instant glow. But that is harmful for the skin in long term. With the help of potato, skin will great glow and the skin tone will also become fair. The result of potato therapy is slow but natural and long lasting. To extract the benefits of potato for skin, take the juice of potato in a bowl and apply it over the face. Leave it for few minutes and then rinse it off with cold water. Doing this practice, twice or thrice in a week for certain weeks will make skin glow naturally.

Sandalwood Instant Glow Face Pack

Sandalwood is an old companion of turmeric in beauty secrets. Sandalwood is significantly used in commercial beauty products, to make the skin glow and shine. The beautiful combination of turmeric and sandalwood powder is an ultimate home remedy to get instant glow. To enjoy the benefits of this combination, mix both the ingredients in equal ratio in a bowl and add some almond oil to make the paste smooth. Apply this paste over face and slowly massage it in circular motion. After few minutes of massage, wipe off the paste from cold water. The skin will feel refreshed after the soothing massage of the paste and you’ll notice natural glow in skin after few weeks.

Rice flour Instant Glow Face Pack

Have you ever wondered the aromatic rice in delicious dishes could make skin glow? Yes, it can make the skin glow tremendously if you scrub the skin with rice flour paste. The only thing one has to do is just grind the rice till it becomes fine white powder and mix sufficient milk in it to make the paste. Now, start applying it on the moist face and scrub the skin well for few minutes. The rice flour scrub will fall off automatically while scrubbing. Continue the drill till the whole scrub falls off and wash it off with cold water. Scrubbing the skin with rice flour for few weeks will surely teach you how to get instant glow in few weeks.

Things don’t end here, to keep the skin glowing and healthy, try to follow a healthy diet routine. And if possible, take out time for certain practices like scrubbing; cleansing, moisturizing and toning to keep the skin young, lively and glowing.

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