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7 Handy Homemade Hair Care Tips in Monsoon

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7 Handy Homemade Hair Care Tips for Monsoon
Love the rain, but hate the wet hair? We hear you. The wet hair look might be fashionable, but the rain-drenched look so isn’t! Forget how it looks, wet hair can lead to major hair woes as well. Acid rain, dirty rainwater and increasing levels of humidity have an adverse effect on your hair and scalp, giving rise to frequent hair problems. Read on for 7 handy homemade homemade hair care tips for hair care in monsoon/rainy season.
  1. Keep your hair dry

    Did you know that if a normal person loses around 60 strands of hair a day, during monsoons she tends to lose almost 200 strands! Yes, it’s shocking, because we don’t even realise it. The important hair care tip for this problem is to try and keep your hair dry as much as possible. Avoid stepping out in the rain, always carry an umbrella or a raincoat and if your hair gets wet, pat it dry gently with a soft towel as soon as possible. Dry hair helps in keeping your scalp dandruff free and hair fall free.
  2. Wash your hair often in monsoon

    With high levels of humidity, your scalp and hair tend to sweat more and get oily, so wash your hair as often as possible, but with a mild gentle shampoo like Vatika Premium Naturals shampoo containing herbal extracts.
  3. Avoid styling products in monsoon

    Monsoons = humidity, and the use of chemical-laden hair care products aren’t advisable, because with excess humidity these products tend to make your hair excessively greasy. And that can result in dandruff!
  4. Don’t ignore the signs

    Itchy scalps, clogged bathroom drains, hair in your brush, flakes on your shoulder – all of these are signs of unhealthy hair. Apart from regular cleansing, make sure you nourish your hair with a homemade hair mask, or try this simple hair care tip for instant relief – add a tablespoon of vinegar to the last rinse after shampooing, this will help relieve scalp infections if any.
  5. Maintain healthy diet

    Drink more water. Increase your protein intake, because that means more nutrients for healthy hair. Check out our article on Hair Diet to know hair-friendly foods. Also try out these simple homemade hair tips – Drink amla juice on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. Soak methi seeds overnight in water, strain the water and use it to rinse your hair the next morning. Mash a banana and add avocado oil, apply it as a hair mask and rinse hair after an hour. This homemade remedy will bring back the shine to dull hair.
  6. Deep conditioning during monsoons

    Extra humidity means extra frizziness and dryness. And the only thing that helps is conditioning. So oiling your hair with Dabur Amla Hair Oil or Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil is a must to nourish the roots and improve hair texture.
  7. Comb your hair the right way

    Always use a wide-toothed comb, don’t comb when wet, don’t tie your hair when wet, and do not share combs – all this will only increase scalp infection, hair fall and frizz.
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