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Celebrity Style Cannes 2014

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Celebrity Style Cannes 2014
The Cannes International Film Festival has always been an event to remember. And this year was no different with stars descending on the French Riviera channelling glitz and glamour. We saw a bevy of beauties showcasing extravagant gowns, statement jewels, stylish hairdos and oodles of style. A bunch of A-listers from India were also spotted looking their impressive best. So get set to see some of the show-stopping moments from the red carpet that made us go “wow”, plus hairstyles for long hair and hair care tips you can use.

Frieda Pinto Celebrity 

Let’s start with the Slumdog Millionaire girl – Frieda Pinto. In a stunning red asymmetrical gown, Frieda pulled off a fierce chignon. To get the hairstyle for long hair, just follow these hair care tips – wash your hair with a shampoo from the Vatika Premium Naturals range, when dry, comb it and make sure it’s tangle free, pull back into a low ponytail, pull the hair apart to create 2 sections and tie the 2 together to form a loose knot, secure the ends and finish off with a dab of the non-sticky Vatika Enriched Olive Hair Oil for a chic, no-frizz look. That’s a key hair care tip to nail the look. Simple? Try it! Also see how Kate Middleton wore a chignon here,

Sonam Kapoor Celebrity 

Next up, we have Bollywood’s No.1 fashionista – Sonam Kapoor, looking just as expected – spectacular! It was a tough choice picking 1 standout look, so here are 3 of our favourite styles that Sonam wore at the film festival. The lavender off-shoulder gown worn with pushed back sleek hair was dreamy, the black gown worn with a chignon (again!) was chic and the blush saree-inspired gown just blew us away. We dig the sleek hair with middle parting too! If you want to try out that hairstyle for long hair, follow this hair care tip – oil your hair at least once a week with Dabur Almond Hair Oil , keep it on overnight for deep conditioning, wash it off the next morning with a mild natural shampoo and your hair will radiate a healthy shine!

Aishwarya Celebrity 

Aishwarya silenced her fashion critics by looking breathtakingly beautiful in a luxurious gold Roberto Cavalli dress that skimmed her curves beautifully. The makeup had a natural look, the lips went scarlet, and the hairdo was simple yet sensational. Here’s a hair care tip if you want to replicate the hairstyle for long hair: wash your hair with Vatika Premium Naturals Black Olive Almond Shampoo ,

make multiple braids when your hair is still wet and leave it on till your hair is dry. Untie the braids and you’ll be left with lovely natural waves. Seal the look with a finishing spray and you’re done to make headlines like the ex-Ms.World!

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