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Home Remedy for hair fall

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Home Remedy for hair fall
All of us have suffered from Hair fall at some point in our lives. Some hair fall is fine but when you start getting handful of hair every time you comb, then it’s time to wait and look around for causes. I suffered hair fall during and post pregnancy also with change in weather my hair fall takes a plunge.

Whenever I notice that hair fall is more than normal, I try and change my diet. Drink loads of water and avoid junk food. Apart from it I love pampering my hair with homemade hair masks or potions and always prefer trying Home remedies to stop hair fall as they work well without causing any side effects.

I am sharing one tested and tried Home Remedy for hair fall that I have been using for sometime now and is working wonders for me. It works on hair fall and promotes hair growth, also improves texture of hair and makes them shiny. What you will need to prepare this magic potion –
  1. Dabur Almond Oil or Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil
  2. Castor Oil
  3. Rosemary Oil
Let’s talk more about the ingredients -

Dabur Almond Oil – It nourishes hair and makes them softer and shinier. I have been using Almond oil for almost 4-5 years and Dryness of my hair has reduced considerably. Almond oil is a rich source of Vitamin E that helps in moisturizing scalp and helps hair growth. You can also use Coconut oil.

Castor oil – Castor Oil has moisturizing properties and its very well known for promoting hair growth. Its quite rich and thick in texture so its always recommended to dilute it with almond/ coconut oil for easy application.

Rosemary Oil – Rosemary Oil is an essential oil. It is also known for hair growth and can be a part of any Home Remedy for hair fall One can find all these oils online or any store.

How to Prepare these Home Remedies to Stop Hair Fall
For my medium length hair I add 4 tablespoons of Almond oil, 1 tablespoon of Castor Oil and mix them well. I warm up the oil by putting the bowl in microwave for 10-15 seconds. After that I take out the bowl and add 2-4 drops of Rosemary Oil in it. Mix everything well. I apply this mix on the roots of my hair by parting/ sectioning them. Once all the mix is applied all over the scalp, I cover my head with a shower cap and leave it for overnight or minimum 4 hours. Then I wash it off by using a shampoo like Vatika Heena & Olive Shampoo that leaves hair shiny and soft.

My Experience
I use this Home Remedy for hair fall once a week or thrice in two weeks. Such potions and homemade remedies take time to show results in hair fall or hair growth but you can immediately see softer and shinier hair. I would advice using this mix of oil for minimum 4-6 weeks to see visible improvement. This Home Remedy for hair fall works and has worked for me.

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