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How To Get Shiny Hair

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How To Get Shiny Hair
Where eating is simple, applying it topically is a little more tedious but with eye-popping benefits. Mix amla juice with coconut water and a little honey; apply on hair and rinse after 20 minutes and you will have fantastic shine. For long-term use, store amla powder in a jar and before hair wash, make a thick paste of it with few spoons of boiled tea leaves water. Apply in your hair and wash after a few minutes. Soak amla overnight in water and wash hair with it the next day. Messy affair? Trust the experts! Try Dabur Amla Hair oil. It will give you all the spectacular benefits of amla packed conveniently in a bottle. It will enrich your hair boosting its natural health that shows outside—simple and perfect—just the way life should be!
When the weather is dry, your hair looks lifeless and lacks lustre. Trying out different styles may also not give it the spunk that it actually lacks. While this is not good news, this condition surely can be reversed if you pay attention to the following hair care tips:
  • Deep conditioning: 
  • The lack of humidity in the cold weather takes away the required moisture from one’s scalp. You can restore the moisture by deep conditioning your hair, with conditioners recommended by experts. Apply more of the conditioner to the tips of your hair, carefully avoiding the roots.
  • Hot oil massage: 
  • A good oil massage is the answer to almost all hair woes. Massage your scalp with eithercoconut or amla hair oil. Both coconut and amla are known for their nourishing attributes that give the hair bounce and shine which is everlasting.
  • Hair pack: 
  • Hair care at home is a good option to retrieve dull and listless hair.
    • Apply egg white to the roots of your hair, 20 minutes before taking a shower. Shampoo as usual.
    • Take 2 tablespoons of curd and mix it with one teaspoon honey. Apply this to your hair and leave it on for about 20 minutes before washing. This will instantly make your hair soft and shiny.
    • Take a banana and mash it. Mix one teaspoon of honey to the mashed banana and apply this mixture to your hair. Keep it on for 20 minutes and then rinse it off.
  • Avoid very hot showers: 
  • As tempting as a hot shower may be during winters, avoid it at all cost. Opt for lukewarm water instead. Hot water always rips off your hair’s natural softness and shine.
  • Eat a rich diet: 
  • Include a handful of almonds in your daily diet. This alone can strengthen the roots of your hair and can also provide the necessary nourishment from within.
  • Cover up: 
  • When stepping out, make sure you cover your hair with a scarf. This way you will shield your hair from the harsh winds that can damage them.
  • Be shampoo wise: 
  • Make sure you don’t shampoo every single day. Too much shampooing can rip your hair’s natural oils and can lead to a drier scalp.Dabur Vatika’s premium natural Black Olive and Almond shampoo is great during for the winters. This shampoo is devoid of any harsh chemicals and provides natural treatment for your damaged and lifeless hair. Black olives help retain your hair’s natural black colour and shine, while almonds give it strength and lustre.
The above hair care tips can quench your hair’s thirst. Make sure you put in enough efforts and follow them for best results!

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