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Tips on How to Remove Dandruff Naturally

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Tips on How to Remove Dandruff Naturally
Dandruff is a irritating and a serious problem that could affect the confidence of an individual. The scalp becomes itchy and a person is always surrounded with consciousness of white flakes dropping on their shoulders. Dandruff was not a common hair issue earlier, but with the passage of time and changing dynamic of life, the issue of dandruff has become very common. Almost every third person who has busy lifestyle is suffering from the problem of dandruff. People daily ponder over the issue that how to remove dandruff naturally without seeking a dermatologist’s help. Yes, the way of seeking a dermatologist’s help is quite expensive and long process but it could become the only option for an individual if they don’t care about their hair in anyway.

Dandruff is also known as Seborrhea in medical terms, which is a common scalp disease and known to be common in adolescents. Usually, there is no certain specified age group to which dandruff problem strikes in particular. Hence, may it be adult or an old person; dandruff could trouble anyone at any point of time in lifecycle. And off course, who doesn’t know about the popular hair treatment creams and anti-dandruff shampoos commercial advertisement running over televisions all the time. Every commercial hair care product advertisement promises to get rid of dandruff problem in few weeks or usage but there are hardly few who stand up to their promise without making any other hidden damage to hair. It might be possible that some people have got positive results after using any expensive commercial anti-dandruff shampoo or product but they don’t come to know its hidden damage over hairs in long run.

There are many ways in which the harmful chemical based anti-dandruff hair care products harm the hair in long run. The list of harms is very long and the benefits of using chemical based hair care products is very less or in fact few. The reason behind the damage is the sulfate and other chemical content in shampoo or other hair care products, which takes away the natural oils from scalp and makes it unhealthy. As an end result, the hairs become dry and dull leading to situation of over production of oil in scalp or lack of natural oils in hair, which is produced with natural processing. Beyond this, the Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) damages the scalp more badly by removing the good bacteria from scalp, which plays an important role in keeping the scalp healthy and free from other harmful germ attack. After the removal of good bacteria from scalp, the scalp becomes open play ground to bad bacteria and leads to problems like hair loss, rashes, irritation and allergic reactions. So, this clearly proves that it is high time to ditch the chemical based hair care products and shampoo that makes good promises to remove dandruff and give healthy hair.

There is one old healthy practice, which is working right and magical all the time for every individual with any kind of hair problem. Want to know what is that magical practice? It is none other than our very old hair oiling practice which makes the hair strong, healthy, and nourished at each practice. The practice of oiling is very old and popular since our granny days. Surely, every mom must have used lots of oil in making their kid’s hair strong and healthy for the coming future. And the surprising fact about this old practice is it has still not become that old to get vanished from hair care regime of millions of people. So, if you are thinking how to get rid of dandruff naturally then go for a good oil head massage. There is variety of oils available in market and the best is coconut oil of any trusted brand like Dabur Vatika Coconut Oil. The list of benefits of hair oiling is very long and few major benefits that should be known to every individual are:

  • It nourishes the hair scalp.
  • Oiling stimulates the hair growth gradually.
  • It prevents hair from the problem of breakage.
  • Oil moisturizes dry, brittle and frizzy hair.
  • Oil is helpful in preventing the problem of split ends.
  • It delays the graying of hair and prevents premature graying of hair.
  • Oil gives softness and shine to hair.
  • It helps in fighting hair strongly with air pollutants and harmful pollution.
In short, oiling is an all rounder player in the field of hair care and does every possible job of protecting and maintaining healthy hair. So, why to rely on any chemical based expensive hair care product when the evergreen hair oil is always there to rescue hair from any problem.

After discovering the magic of oil over hair and scalp, it’s time to roll back over to the problem of dandruff and the major causes behind this common scalp disease. Below are some reasons that lead to the problem of dandruff:

  • Sensitivity to chemical based hair care products:

    Some people have serious issue of sensitivity from certain elements in any hair care product. One such special element is paraphenylenediamine found in hair dyes, shampoo and other hair care products. This could cause itchy scalp, redness of scalp and the problem of dandruff too. Using excessive of hair styling products and cream could also disturb the balance of scalp and cause dandruff problem.
  • Malassezia fungus:

    Malassezia is yeast like fungus found in scalp of majority of adults. For some the fungus doesn’t create any issue and for some it creates irritation in scalp. In the case of irritation, the fungus boosts up the skin cells growth and leads to dying and falling of extra skin cells. This leads to appearance of white and flaky dandruff on cloth and hair. The cause of irritation caused by Malassezia in some people’s case is still unknown.
  • Irregular cleanup or head wash:

    Irregular or not cleaning hair and scalp at regular intervals leads to the buildup of skin cells and oils in scalp. The excessive buildup of oils and skin cells create the problem of dandruff. Hence, to remove dandruff naturally shampoo hair at frequent intervals. If the hair are dry and lacks moisture, use Dabur Almond Shampoo for natural nourishment.
  • Skin issues or infection:

    In some cases, certain serious skin issues or infections like eczema an inflammatory skin issue, psoriasis- rapid buildup of dry, rough, dead skin cells leads to the problem of dandruff. In such cases, the cure is bit difficult through natural remedies but nothing is impossible in any case.
The above mentioned reasons are just few examples of getting dandruff. There are many others but the point of focus here is is how to remove dandruff and to keep it away for lifetime. So, here are few ingredients that could help in kicking off the flaky dandruff from scalp:
  • Olive Oil for dandruff:

    Olive Oil is good in dealing with dandruff and enhancing the quality of hair. It also helps in getting away the dryness of scalp. Use Dabur Vatika Enriched Olive Oil to massage hair and scalp gently and then cover the head with warm towel. Make sure to do the practice gently and calmly, otherwise it might result in giving roughness and hair may suffer breakage.
  • Baking soda as antifungal treatment:

    Baking soda works as an anti-fungal treatment for scalp cleaning. The anti-fungal properties in it, removes the bad germs and bacteria from scalp which leads to the problem of dandruff. Baking soda is like a scrub for the hair scalp and restores lost natural oil balance of hair scalp. To apply the baking soda, take one tablespoon of baking soda and add some water in it to obtain a paste. Now, gently massage the hair scalp with the paste to remove the dead skin layer. After doing this practice, immediately wash head.
  • Fenugreek to get rid of dandruff:

    Using fenugreek seeds for getting rid of dandruff is an effective practice. Using the fenugreek seed paste once in a week to remove dandruff naturally is more than enough. To make the paste of fenugreek seeds, soak it in water for a night and grind it in mixer to get a smooth paste next morning. Now, apply the paste over hair scalp and let it work for half an hour. One could use the water in which fenugreek seeds were soaked as hair tonic to rinse head. Use a mild shampoo to wash head in the end.
  • Lemons to eliminate dandruff:

    The acidic nature of lemon works effectively in eliminating the dandruff from hair scalp. Lemon could be used in many ways to remove dandruff and there are number of remedies that consists lemon to remove dandruff. One could use lemon juice mixed in coconut oil to get rid of dandruff. And one more way of using lemon is to take one cup of fuller earth (Multani Mitti) and add three tablespoon of lemon juice and few drops of water. Take the mixture and apply it over scalp once or twice in a week.
  • Apple cider vinegar as a dandruff:

    The popular apple cider vinegar of home remedies could also be used in treating dandruff. But to use it, one has to dilute it in water due to its burning nature. Hence, mix equal amount of water to apple cider vinegar and use a cotton ball to apply it over scalp. Washing head with mild shampoo to avoid hair dryness. There are many mild shampoos available in market and to use best dandruff shampoo after following this remedy, choose Dabur Almond Shampoo.
Dandruff is a stubborn problem and to get rid of dandruff it is important to follow the natural ingredient remedies on regular basis until the dandruff disappears. And if the dandruff problem is frequent to any individual then adopting any of the above mentioned home remedy on weekly basis is wise option. Learn more about healthy hair tips.

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