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How to Repair Damaged Hair Naturally

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How to Repair Damaged Hair Naturally
In the first part to this article, you learnt about a few reasons that lead to damaged hair. But that’s not all, there are more causes for hair damage. Read on to find out what and how to repair damaged hair naturally.
  1. Hair colour:



    While there are many variants of hair colour that claim to be ammonia free, there is still considerable damage that these products can do to your hair. Try and stick to natural hair dyes if you want to colour your hair. Using certain hair oils, like the Vatika Coconut with Hibiscus Hair Oil will also help, since hibiscus contains natural dye that retains your hair colour while coconut conditions your hair.
  2. Chemical hair treatments:



    The next time you perm, straighten, curl or smoothen your hair, remember that it might make your tresses look glamourous right now, but the chemicals applied cause damage that will last a lifetime. So make up your mind – do you want healthy hair or irreparable damage?
  3. Bad diet:



    You have junk food, alcohol and sugary treats in one hand, and extreme weight loss diets like Atkins, no-carbs and GM diet on the other hand – while battling temptations and weight goals, don’t lose sight of the fact that what you eat is how you look. A bad diet affects your nutrition and causes damage like hair loss, premature greying or split ends.
  4. Combing:



    A hundred brush strokes a day are supposed to be good for you hair, but if you overdo it, aren’t gentle when you brush, comb when your hair is wet or use the wrong kind of brush for your hair – you are doing more harm than good!
The solution
None of us have the right to call hair oils smelly or sticky anymore, not with the advent of so many scented and easy to apply oils in the market. Especially in the case of damaged hair, applying Dabur Almond Oil overnight before washing your hair the next morning will work wonders in repairing the damage to your hair.



One of the best ways of fixing dry and under nourished hair is oiling. And not just using any oil, but the best oil for damaged hair. More specifically, a natural almond oil like the Dabur Almond Hair Oil. Make this oil your best friend from now on as it is contains essential fatty acids that naturally bring shine and bounce to your hair. It is also the best way to treat the dandruff that accumulates on your scalp because of your hair and scalp becoming dry.



Never ever underestimate the benefits of using home remedies for damaged hair. If your hair is dull, dry, with split ends or simply limp, it is damaged. Even if you don’t do any of the above mentioned, there is a high chance that your hair needs nourishment and moisture. What do you think about using the best oil for damaged hair? Are you a regular Dabur Almond Hair Oil user or are you still holding back? We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below.
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