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Trendy Summer Hairstyles With Hair Oil

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Trendy Summer Hairstyles With Hair Oil
You may have never even thought about it, but did you know that you can style up your hair while making it healthy. The texture of some hair oils like Dabur Almond Hair Oil is light enough to use them for summer hairstyles. Let us show you how to keep hair healthy and create some gorgeous hairstyles with this unique hair oil. Hair oil used to be a hit back in the days when our grandparents and parents were young. It was used almost every day for styling hair differently while nourishing it simultaneously. No wonder their locks look healthy and lustrous till date. So, now it’s quite clear that oil is the best stuff for hair care in summer.

Hair Oil Styling Benefits
Applying a thin layer of oil on your hair can protect it from a great deal of damage. Once that additional protective layer is lost, your hair becomes prone to structural damage and starts looking dull and brittle with excessive spit ends. Hair oil replenishes the lost layer of oil with a fresh one.

Process: Though you can apply oil on both dry and wet hair, make sure that you generously apply it to the hair ends. If you apply it before shampooing, it cleanses and conditions your hair. But when you apply it afterwards it, moisturises and restores the hair’s natural lustre. All you have to do is follow this natural hair care tip – spread a few drops of oil across your palms and gently stroke your hands over your locks to add a perfect finish.
  • Tamed Curls
    Tamed Curls

    By oiling hair, you can tame your hair and add a glamorous lustre to your hairstyle. How? Since curls use a bit more hair oil than straight hair, just spread the hair oil in the palms of your hands and then work the oil through your dryer or towel dry hair.
  • Casual Long Hair
    Casual Long Hair

    Even the easiest of hairstyles requires a lot of extra care during the summer months. Quite a few people apply a thin layer of oil to the length of their hair to make it smooth. Hair oil keeps the ends of long hair supple and silky, giving it a dazzling glow. How? Simply work a few droplets of hair oil product into the hair ends and enjoy healthy looking hair. That’s a smart natural hair care tip, isn’t it?
  • Casual Updo
    Casual Updo

    No matter how you wear your hair, hair oil provides a perfect natural healthy glow and doesn’t damage the hair like other cosmetic sprays do. So the next time you want to add a touch of glamour, hair oil can help you out. How? While shampooing your hair, mix a few droplets of oil into the shampoo. This will turn your daily shampoo into a wholesome conditioning treatment.
  • Short Hairstyle
    Short Hairstyle

    Who says short hair doesn’t need oil? If you have short hair and want to give it a naturally smooth glow, then pour 1-2 drops of oil will work magically for you. How? Distribute a few drops of hair oil in the palms of your hands before gently stroking over your hair.
  • The Braided Ponytail
    The Braided Ponytail

    Maintaining long hair in summers always seems to be quite a challenge. But what if we gave you a solution that could help you keep it under control. While you enjoy your time in the summer you can oil your hair and braid it using heated appliances. This will not only help you look chic, but also nourish your hair from deep within. How? Again, gently work some Dabur Almond Hair Oil through your hair before styling and braiding it. Ta da!

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