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How to Manage Frizzy Hair 7 Simple Steps

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How to Manage Frizzy Hair 7 Simple Steps
When curly, frizzy hair meets the sultry summer heat, it can wreak havoc on your looks. And with summers knocking on the door, one thing won’t stop from occurring even if you like it or not: Frizz!

But no matter what the weather may be, don’t give up on styling your hair just the way you like it. With a little extra effort, your locks can look as sleek as they do on your best hair days. Here are a few hair care tips that can protect your unique tresses from the summertime madness.

  1. Deep conditioner
    Just like you feel thirsty when your body requires water, your hair too needs appropriate moisture and hydration. In summers, dry hair attracts more moisture in the environment which causes the hair to puff up. Conditioning your hair helps hydrate dry hair and coats the hair shaft to lock out moisture. So follow our hair care tip religiously!
  2. Haircut matters
    If your hair is too long, your hair will only fall flatter. Cut off a few inches and add in layers and you'll have a good cut that dries beautifully.
  3. Use the right shampoo
    Use Dabur Vatika Black Olive and Almond Shampoo to condition and settle your hair down. With the natural goodness of olives and almonds, it nourishes your hair without damaging it.
  4. Oil your hair with Dabur Almond Hair Oil
    The fatty acids present in the oil, coat the shaft of your hair, helping to keep it healthy and protected. Dabur Almond Hair Oil shields the hair from the damage caused by hair dye, flat irons and even hair dryers that damage the outer layers of your hair, giving them a sleeker, smoother, and healthier appearance.
  5. Start styling while it’s wet
    Apply a gel or serum while your hair is wet and smooth to tone down and manage your frizz. If you have curly or wavy hair, you know that frizz starts rearing its ugly, poufy head the second your hair starts to dry. So, think one step ahead to avoid the dreaded frizz halo.
  6. Blow dry hair until it’s completely dry
    Make sure to dry your hair out thoroughly without leaving behind damp patches. Even the slightest hint of dampness will attract frizz the second you step outside. Style your hair in an air conditioned room because a steamy bathroom will work against you.
  7. Don’t touch your hair
    Touching your hair time and again damages it even more by causing frizz. So, avoid brushing frizz-prone hair as it will puff it up even more. Instead, go by our hair care tip and comb through with your fingers in the shower. Learn more about home remedies for frizzy hair.

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