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How To Make Your Hair Stronger and Thicker Naturally

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How To Make Your Hair Stronger and Thicker Naturally
Do you want stronger and thicker mane? Well, who doesn’t? One of the main causes for weak hair is thinning, which makes it more prone to hair fall, and inversely overall thinner density and fine hair. Read on to know how you can get stronger & thicker hair naturally.
  1. Washing hair on alternate days
    If you are washing hair every day, then you are washing off the natural oils from the scalp, which keep the scalp healthy. On the contrary, if you are washing it just once a week, you are letting dirt and dandruff settle on your scalp making it more prone to hair fall. The frequency of washing hair should be moderate, preferably once every two days.
  2. Never brush wet hair
    Never ever do that! This is a strict NO. Wet hair is prone to breakage – it may come off from the roots or even split in parts. Invest in a wide tooth comb, preferably made of wood, to comb through wet hair with a very gentle hand. Take a firm grip of your hair in small bunches, while combing through the roots, so that the roots are not succumbed to unnecessary pulling.
  3. Well balanced diet
    Your hair may be thin because the roots are unable to get the nutrients it needs, from your diet. Proteins and vitamins are an absolute necessity for your hair. Include fish, dal, pulses and soybeans (for proteins), nuts, fruits and veggies (for Vitamin B, Biotin and Omega 3 Fatty Acids), flax seeds and avocado deserve special mention as a rich source of Vitamins. Also, vitamin C helps promote hair growth, so a lot of citrus based fruits and amla must also be included. As a last resort, you can also take supplements which usually contain biotin, fish oil, protein, multi-vitamins, etc. Also, drink lots of water as mentioned always.
  4. Massage your scalp
    Massage your scalp daily with your fingertips gently for better blood circulation to the head and scalp. You can also go for an overnight oil treatment or a one hour massage just before you shampoo, with coconut or olive oil or a mix of both. It’s worth trying the new Vatika Enriched Olive Hair Oil as it contains almond protein and aloe vera and is not at all sticky.
  5. Avoid hot tools
    Use hot tools only during special occasions (read, once in a blue moon.) Avoid it as much as you can. Air dry your hair instead of a blow dryer and use frizz-fighting products. If you still have to use hot tools, always use a heat protectant.
  6. Protect your hair
    Protect your hair from direct sunlight by using hats, scarves, etc. Go for regular trimming to get rid of split ends and breakage.
All the above tips when followed religiously would help reduce hair loss and promote new hair growth which will help your hair become stronger and thicker.

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