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5 Myths About Hair Care

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5 Myths About Hair Care
Having a cow lick the top of your head will help hair growth”
Standing on your head, increases blood circulation and leads to hair fall control.”
Haven’t you heard those before? Now, that is what we were worried about!
Similar and sillier hair myths, that you thought were true, may have caused some major ado in your lives, at some point or the other. So, here is the perfect chance to bust them all. Read these hair care tips and get enlightened
  1. Trim for growth.
    Isn’t that the first thing every parlour owner tells you the moment you squat on that fat cushioned chair? And you reluctantly get that extra bit chopped off. Say ‘no thank you’ from here on!
  2. Switch shampoo frequently.
    Found a shampoo that is recommended for your hair type? If it is something as highly recommended as Dabur Vatika Shampoo, stick to it. Experimenting with everything available in the market may earn you more damage than benefit. For proper hair fall control, stick to Vatika!
  3. Tame your mane. Always!
    May sound helpful, but this is the most damaging myth. Every time you run a comb through your hair, you are sure to lose a strand or two. And over doing it is like strangling your hair with overprotectiveness. Give your tresses much needed rest for hair fall control.
  4. If you pluck a grey hair two more will grow.
    One follicle can re-produce only one hair. Common sense! While the colour of the next hair to come cannot be pre-decided, plucking out grey hair can surely create scalp irritation which can be harmful to the hair follicle. Don’t forget this hair care tip the next time you get destructive.
  5. And most importantly, don’t let these hair myths jeopardized your precious tresses anymore. Treat this as a wake-up call and always cross-check any information that you come across, before applying it to your hair or skin. And for further safeguard, only rely on Dabur’s unbelievable range of hair care products and include lots of proteins in your diet for lustrous hair!

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Natural Hair Care
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My Beauty Naturally is a one-stop destination for all your skin and hair needs. Got a hair fall problem? Is hair colour making your hair super dry? Have a pimple situation? Want fair, beautiful and glowing skin? Whatever be your beauty emergency, we have a solution for you, with the help of beauty advice from experts, how to videos via India’s top bloggers and Dabur’s own expertise in the area of natural beauty. For instance, let’s start with your crowning glory – your hair. Everyone wants naturally healthy tresses. But how does one learn how to become beautiful naturally? Here’s a simple hair care tip - brush your hair from the roots to ends every night, with a good quality comb. This helps in distributing natural oils throughout the length of each strand and gives your hair a healthy sheen! Just good hair isn’t enough, one cannot learn how to become beautiful naturally without good skin. Want soft and supple skin? Here’s how to be beautiful naturally. Remember, the best time to apply moisturising lotion is right after a shower, when your skin is still damp. It helps the skin absorb all the moisture and seals it. Wait, there’s more where this came from. So stay tuned, stay natural and stay beautiful!