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Hairstyles and Hair Tips for Wavy Hair

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Hair Care Tips And Hairstyles For Wavy Hair
Casual, effortless and chic – that’s what wavy hair speaks about you, if you wear it well. If you need a little help in dressing up your wavy tresses perfectly, then we have some natural hair care tips to delight you. Read on!

Hairstyles for wavy hair

  • Hairstyle 1: If you have shoulder length hair, flaunt your effortless beachy waves everywhere you go.
  • Hairstyle 2: Blow dry your hair roughly and braid a section of hair from where you partition it for added texture.
  • Hairstyle 3: Wear loose braids at night and sleep in it. The following morning, tie your hair tightly to get the perfect combination of wavy and curly hair.
  • Hairstyle 4: Make a low pony tail on one side and then twirl your hair using your fingers to make it look ultrachic!
  • Hairstyle 5: Wear loose braids and leave some strands loose on the top to cover your face a bit.
  • Hairstyle 6: Opt for layers as it will make your wavy hair voluminous and make them look edgy.
  • Hairstyle 7: Extend a bob cut with a few spiral waves.
Now that you know the hairstyles with which you can enhance your naturally wavy hair, let’s have a look at some natural hair care tips which can help you in perfecting the look by keeping you free from dandruff/split ends, making your hair soft and shiny and helping you keep it healthy.
  • Natural hair care tip for long and healthy hair

    Almond oil is a rich source of magnesium, deficiency of which causes hair fall. Apply Dabur Almond Hair Oil once or twice a week to hydrate the scalp and replenish the magnesium content. It will reduce hair fall and make your hair thick. For better absorption of hair oil, soak a towel in hot water and wrap your hair with it post the massage.
  • Natural hair care tip for split ends

    Mix almond, castor and olive oil in equal proportions and massage into the hair. This will rid of split ends. Use this method once a week for good results.
  • Natural hair care tip for soft hair

    Almond oil is light in texture and thus doesn’t make your scalp oily and heavy. You can leave in the oil without washing it off. It will work similar to a leave in conditioner. This ‘nuska’ or method is especially apt for those with dry hair. It will make your hair voluminous and heavy while moisturizing it too!
  • Natural hair care tip for shiny hair

    Mix some mashed avocado with almond oil and apply it to your shair as a mask. Wash it off after 30 minutes with a natural shampoo. You will not even need a conditioner after this as your hair will already be so soft.
  • Natural hair care tip for dandruff

    Almond oil is also a great cure for dandruff as it removes dead cells from the scalp. Prepare a mix of mashed gooseberry and almond oil. Apply it on your hair for 30 minutes and then wash with cold water.
  • Do try out these tips and let us know if you found it helpful in the comments section. Also find tips on how to prevent hair fall.

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