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Top 10 Long Hair Tips to Boost Hair Growth

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10 Hair Care Tips For Beautiful Long Hair
Long hair and fair skin is often synonymous to beauty in India. Long for long hair too? You don’t have to resort to hair extensions and wigs, just follow our hair care tips and get longer, stronger hair. Read on for 10 hair care tips that give you long and luscious tresses.
  1. Get a trim for better hair growth

    Every time you trim your hair, you get rid of split ends, dead ends and help your hair grow longer. So a trim is essential every 6-8 weeks to keep your hair healthy and ensure it grows long and strong!
  2. Deep conditioning by hot oil massages

    Your mother insists on oil massages for a reason. A hot oil scalp massage using Dabur Amla Hair Oil has tons of benefits – it deep conditions your hair, nourishes your scalp, stimulates hair growth and gives you long and healthy hair.
  3. Egg whites for healthy shiny hair

    Egg whites pack a ton of hair-saving properties. It restores softness, restores shine and makes it healthy, thereby helping your hair grow longer. To apply, all you have to do is follow this hair care tip – crack open a few eggs, take the whites, apply it all over your hair like a mask, keep it on for 30 minutes and rinse with a shampoo. Your hair will look 10x healthier and grow 2x longer!
  4. Drink plenty of water for stronger hair

    The more water you drink, the faster your body flushes out toxins and the stronger your hair grows and stronger hair grows longer. So you know what to do – follow our hair care tip and keep yourself hydrated.
  5. Brush regularly to help hair grow longer

    Experts say it’s good to brush your hair a 100 times every night before you go to bed. What it basically does is that it increases blood circulation and stimulates the hair follicles, thereby helping your hair grow longer. However, remember never to brush when your hair is wet, it causes breakage. If you brush to remove tangles, make sure it’s with a wide-toothed comb!
  6. Avoid blow drying

    Yes, blow drying makes your hair look fab, but excessive exposure to heat and styling makes the roots weaker, increases split ends and therefore hampers growth. So follow our hair care tip and avoid blow drying or flat ironing as much as possible.
  7. Space out hair washes

    Washing your hair is important, but washing every day is not. In fact, washing 2-3 times a week is more than sufficient. What happens when you wash too often is that you rob your hair off its natural oil and conditioning, you also expose it to unnecessary chemicals. Always go for a gentle herbal shampoo like Vatika Premium Naturals and help your hair grow longer.
  8. Sleep well to maintain beautiful long hair

    Regular, undisturbed sleep of 8 hours a day maintains your beauty and health. We also have a few hair care tips to follow before you go to bed - avoid making tight braids or hairdos while sleeping, this causes breakage and hampers the length of your hair. The best way to do your hair before you hit the sack is to leave it loose and just pull back your hair with a head band that doesn’t tug your hair. Sleeping on a silk pillow cover also helps as other fabrics tend to cause hair breakage. The problem with cotton pillow covers is that it causes friction and you’ll find at least a few strands of hair on your pillow every morning. What’s more, apart from being a hair care tip, silk pillows are also a great skin care remedy. Unlike cotton covers, silk ones don’t cause wrinkles or fine lines on your face.
  9. Say no to stress to prevent hair fall

    With the sedentary lifestyles we live in today, stress is very much a part of our lives. And with stress, hair problems like hair fall go hand in hand. So if you want great hair, lead a stress-free life. Invest time in calming devices like yoga, music, etc., for better hair, glowing skin, and a beautiful you. This is an important hair care tip.
  10. Eat healthy protein rich food

    We’ve said it before, we say it again. Depending on what you eat, your hair gets the supply of nutrients that enable the rate of growth. Hair-friendly food include salmon and other fatty fish, protein-rich food like eggs, nuts, diary, veggies and of course, lots and lots of H2O.
Understanding what’s good for your hair and what’s not, will keep it healthy and help it grow longer, faster. Remember, consistency, patience and efforts are the key. Keep at it and the results will definitely show!
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