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What’s Your Excuse?


If your professor asks the class a question, be the first to raise your arms. You can pick that pack of chips from the lowest shelf, but choose the highest one and raise your arms. Enjoy your bike ride, let your hair sway in the air and raise your arms. With Fem Anti Darkening Hair Removal Cream, you’ll always look for excuses to raise your arms. So, what’s your excuse?

Fill in your Excuse:

To participate in this contest, the contestant needs to do the following: -

  • Contest name is ‘What's your excuse to raise your arms‚.
  • In this contest we are asking women to send us their entries on the funniest excuses for raising their arms. Entries can be either submitted through our website.
  • Top funniest excuses will be featured on our website alongwith the winner’s name.
  • These entries will be judged by our jury and decision will be final and binding.
  • Contest will run for 14 days on the Website.
Terms and conditions apply*

What’s your excuse to
raise your arms?

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Participate in our contest by sharing your funniest excuse to raise your arms and get featured here.

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