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Funniest excuses to raise your arms

  • I point at birds in the sky. By Marie Latte - Goa

  • I pick stuff from the top shelf of a supermarket. By Priya Kochar - New Delhi

  • At the gym, I only do exercises that requires my arms to be raised. By Kashmira Gopi - Mumbai

  • I stretch every 15 minutes. By Shrishty Saxena - New Delhi

  • I go to play tennis every evening. By Sakshi Sharma - New Delhi

  • Hanging clothes in the balcony is my favourite time pass. By Mansi - Mumbai

  • I go ballet dancing. By Neha Bansal - Bengaluru

  • I am always the first one in the group to stop a taxi. By Ritu Misra - UP

  • I never take a seat in the metro. By Christina - Goa

  • I always look forward to smash the volleyball. By Pallavi Baneerjee- Kolkata

What’s your excuse to
raise your arms?

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