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Fairness Tips - How to Get Fair Skin using Bleach

Bleaching is a common fairness tip used to get glowing and fair skin. But if you haven’t bleached before thinking it’s a complicated process, here are some beauty tips for fairness that will demystify it for you. And if you are a bleaching pro, there’s no harm in checking if you’ve been following these tips on how get fair skin, right? Read on.

What is bleaching?

In order to maintain smooth, fair and an even complexion, women opt for chemically-made skin bleaches which lighten the skin’s complexion and also give it a natural glow. Certain scars, facial hair, and blemishes get concealed to a large extent with the help of skin bleaches.

How long does the bleaching process take?

Skin bleaching can be done in the comfort of your own home and it takes only 15-20 minutes. This however may vary slightly depending on your skin type, so make sure you follow this skin care tip. Women with coarser facial hair or marks may require a 20-minute bleach, while those who have thinner facial hair would require 10-15 minutes.

Is there a right age for bleaching? How early can one start?

Bleach creams contain chemicals which can be harsh for the skin, and therefore it is not advisable for young girls between ages 12-18 to use it. However, our skin care tip is that women in their early 20s can use bleach creams, but should only do it once in 21 days.

How does bleaching give you glowing and fair skin?

The activator powder which comes with the cream bleach constitutes certain chemical substances which when combined with the cream, create a formula that lightens the skin tone, and gives you an instant glow and radiance. Besides removing dead skin cells which lie on the surface, cream bleaches go deep into the skin and stop new pigment cells from regenerating.

What is the main benefit of bleaching the skin?

Skin lightening is one of the major advantages of skin bleaching. These creams due to their special formula, provide instant fairness and smooth-looking skin.

If I do not wish to go for bleach creams with chemicals, are there other alternative bleaches that come without chemicals?

Dabur has a wide variety of herbal bleaches that are ammonia free, but still give you smooth, fair and glowing skin. Turmeric Herbal Ammonia Free Bleach is a great way of getting an ubtan and a bleach all at the same time. It suits all skin types and has the goodness of turmeric which is a known source for removing tan, blemishes and spots.

What happens if you leave the bleach on for too long?

One should carefully read the instructions on the packet before bleaching in order to avoid any mishap. Follow these fairness tips and ensure you adhere to the standard waiting time for the bleaching process which is 12-15 minutes. It should not go over this time frame. If by accident, a person exceeds the time limit then the skin would get inflamed and would lead to red rashes or breakouts. This is why a herbal bleach is suggested to get fair skin since it is softer on the face.

What are the common mistakes women make to get fair skin using bleach?

Every bleach cream packet has clearly defined its purpose. For example, the Dabur’s Fem Gold Bleach is supposed to provide a golden glow, and therefore if someone is looking for glowing skin on a special occasion, it would suit them. On the other hand, if someone’s target is to remove tan then they would want to opt for the Fem Turmeric Herbal Ammonia Free Bleach. Fem Saffron Bleach has fairness as its primary objective, and so if one just wants fair skin then they would pick that over the rest. Bleaches suit all skin types and answer everyone’s concern on how to get fair skin, be it oily, dry, or combination skin.

What are the side effects of bleaching?

There are no side effects of bleaching if it is done in the right way. Constant bleaching can however cause some damage to the skin, so remember this beauty tip for fairness and only use the product once in 21 days.

Can bleaching provide a permanent solution for fairer looking skin?

If one sticks to a particular type of bleach and regularly uses it, then it would definitely give the person a fairer looking skin tone and glowing skin. Fem Saffron & Milk Bleach comes with the goodness of milk and saffron, both of which are known for removing tan, dead skin cells and for generating a natural glow and fairness. This bleach reduces pigmentation and if used consistently, would give you smooth, fair, and glowing skin.
How long before an important event should one bleach the skin?
A week before an important event is good enough time for bleaching the skin.
After how long does the effect of the bleach begin to fade?
This depends on the type of bleach. In general however, the effect of the bleach begins to wear out after 3 weeks.
How can one sustain the effect for a longer period of time?
Try this fairness tip - avoid using a facial cleanser with harsh chemicals and opt for a herbal face wash so that it does not cut down on the bleach’s effect.
Is there a way of getting rid of the irritation while applying bleach?
It is important to clean the face completely before applying bleach. Moreover, you can follow this beauty tip for fairness and dab a little bit of aloe vera gel or wipe your face with Dabur Gulabari Rose Water before applying the mixture Got a question on bleaching? We’ve put together a Q&A set that tells you why to, when to, how to or how not to bleach. Hopefully, your questions are answered.

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